Shomin no Aji – Chapter 207

Presentation called a drinking bout.


We entered the room and the three people sat down on the comfortable sofa.
A veteran butler and the head maid were waiting to serve at the sides to make sure the drinking bout is perfect.

Still, for Galvano Ojisama to have it closest to the place with a lot of alcohol, I can only say as expected of them…
And, with Ojisama sitting at that seat, it naturally ended up with Otousama and Tirie-san sitting in front of him, so they could face each other.
… Otousama must have been aiming for this arrangement… what a tactician.

「Now then. Let’s have a drink first! … is what I would like to say, but could we start Miss Cristea’s prided cooking?」

Tirie-san said refreshingly. Right, just refreshingly, nothing more.

「… Umm, I feel seriously uncomfortable though」
「Oh my? Is that so? … Is it fine to put aside our ranks now?」

Tirie-san looked at Otousama with a roguish expression.

「I don’t mind. Only those who have worked for a long time and whom you can trust are here… just in case, cast a soundproof magic」
「Yesss~ ha~! My shoulders are stiff. Cristea-chan I・have・kept・you・wai・ting☆ now, now, please continue?」

Ah, I’m glad. When Tirie-san isn’t himself, he’s just like a stranger to me… the speed of his change was also instant and I feel more relieved because I’m more used to this kind of Tirie-san.

「Yes, then let’s begin. First of all, the unveiling of the smoked food. Smoking foods are, as the name suggests, ingredients prepared by smoke. By smoking, the flavor will deepen, and make it easier to preserve」(Cristea)
「Yes, I heard about that the other day. No need for the explanation, let’s quickly get to the eating part, okay?」(Tirie)
「I haven’t heard anything. Be quiet and listen to what Jouchan has to say」(Galvano)
「That’s right. You came as a freebie this time anyway. Also, listen to Cristea’s explanation if you want to spread the smoked food in the guild」(Father)
「Buuut. I want to eat quickly」(Tirie)

Haha… I don’t need the introduction, just give me the food. I can understand those feelings.

「Fufu, I’m sorry about that. Rather than words, actually tasting it would be much better, won’t it? … Then, please try to ascertain the difference」

When I said such, two plates were placed in front of the three people.

「This is, nuts and… cheese?」

Where’s bacon? I was met with such gazes, but let’s start with the difference between simple ingredients first.

「Yes. The nuts on one side weren’t processed in any way, while the other ones were smoked」(Cristea)
「Fumu. They clearly look different. The deeper in color one was smoked then? Let me see, is it fine to eat it?」(Galvano)
「Yes. Please start with the non-smoked one」(Cristea)

After saying that, the three munched on the nuts.

「… Umu. Tastes like nuts you can find anywhere」(Galvano)
「Yes. Of course, this also tastes good…」(Tirie)
「I wonder about the smoked ones…」(Father)

After ascertaining the taste, everyone reached their hands towards the smoked nuts.

「…!? This is obviously different!」(Galvano)
「Yeah, I like these ones better」(Tirie)
「Umu… this is nice… how about the cheese?」(Father)

After stating their unanimous impressions, they started eating the cheese.

「… Ahh… this is nice… I prefer both when they are smoked. Hey, give me a wine please!?」(Tirie)
「Umu! Oy! Give me a glass! This would go well with alcohol! Hey! Move faster!」(Galvano)
「It’s like the cheese deliciousness has been enriched… oy, give me a glass too!」(Father)

The three have started asking for their favorite alcohol. Ojisama has actually started helping himself to a strong alcohol.

Oou… were they already seized by the nuts and cheese? … Rather, what are you getting excited about even before the main thing?? Would anything be fine as long as you can drink!?

Not good, I have to present the food and get out before the three get drunk!


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