Shomin no Aji – Chapter 208

The drinking bout will go on to the bitter end.


「Jouchan, you still got more, right? Quickly take it out please」

Being urged by Ojisama who started drinking at quick pace, I pulled myself together and continued.

「Y… yes. I’m sure you now can understand the difference in flavors…」
「Yes! I didn’t think it would change that much just by smoking it…」

Tirie-san drunk the wine while entranced.

「The smoked foods I just let you try aren’t difficult to prepare, but the preparations usually take time and effort depending on the ingredient」

I took out bacon from my Inventory while saying such.

「This is the bacon that is planned to use for the business」
「I was waiting for this! I couldn’t help but wanting to eat it since then!」
「Ohh! So that is the rumored bacon! I heard it’s perfect to go with alcohol! Quickly let me eat it!」
「Umu, alright, ale is next! One well-cooled one please!」

… This is already that, right? They have no intentions of listening to my explanation, right? Haa… oh well, bacon is delicious! If they could only understand that there are many ways to eat it…

Just like before, I pan-fried the bacon in front of them just in case.「It’s this delicious just when simply pan-fried」In order to convey that.
When actually selling it, I wonder if I should try setting up a sampling stall at a store like they did in my past life… I wonder if we should test the sales in the Adventurer’s Guild’s bar?
While thinking such, I placed the pan-fried bacon in front of the three.

「Itadakimaaasu! Afun! This is it! This! This deep flavor and deliciousness that a simple salt-pickled Orc meat doesn’t have! I can’t get enough… this needs an ale! I will have an ale too!」
「Umu, it’s yummy after all! Washing this down with a cool ale… umu! This is nice!」
「…!? Wha, what is this…! Are you telling me that this is Orc meat? This is good! It indeed looks suitable with ale! Eei! I don’t have a time for a glass! Get me a mug! … N? You have it prepared? … Ppuhaa! Delicious! To think a cold ale would be this good! What a great discovery! To cool down even the mug…! Good, maybe I should have a go at it too?」

Fufufu… as I thought, a very cold beer… I mean ale goes really well with bacon, doesn’t it! By the way, when I said that I want a drink cooled by magic, Shin told me that… I’m weird. Yes.
No, no, a cold beer during the hot midsummer is the best, you know? Snacking on chilled tomatoes or pickles too!

It’s currently early winter, but the echoing fireplace warms my room all the time. Fufufu…
It’s a luxury only nobles could afford, but I wanted a proper environment to eat delicious things.

After that, I took out bacon and eggs, a piping hot pizza, Carbonara and Napoliatan in succession for the three.

Tirie-san「Aan, I will meeelt…!」praised the Carbonara highly.
… Erm, is he wearing a mask of Suzaku-sama’s character…?
It’s terrifying because it seems that those two would make a love scene just from the sounds if they ate together…


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