Shomin no Aji – Chapter 210

One article of Japanese cuisine.


Good morning. It’s Cristea.
I safely went to bed after sacrificing Shin the last night, but…

「… What is this, this disastrous scene」

They have been apparently drinking all night after sending the head maid and others away. There are alcohol bottles scattered all over with the three sleeping on sofas.
… The blanket that has been put over them must be the kindness of the butler.

On one side, there was Kurogane still drinking with a nonchalant face. Kurogane…

「These fellows drank until the morning, but they got smashed and fell asleep」

… Kurogane continued to drink after that, huh? … He’s a strong drinker too.

「What about Shin? Is he all right?」
「N? … Ahh, that youngster? All of the servants have been sent away after most of the food was gone」
「… I see… err… was he alright?」

I won’t say from what though.

「Hmm? … Ah, that Guild Master over there was clawing at him or something. It was bothersome so I stopped them in the middle」

No, not in the middle, you should have stopped them right from the beginning… I haven’t seen him in the kitchen a little while ago… I’m scared for my life…

「… Ugh, it stinks of alcohol…」

When I opened the window for a ventilation, the morning cold breeze that blown inside apparently woke everyone.

「Ugh…? So cold. What is iiit…? Let me sleep a little bit moree…」
「What… you don’t have to wake me up yet… I decided to rest until the afternoon today…」
「Ohh. Morning already? Oh darn, I carelessly fell asleep. Hmm? Is there still some alcohol left? How about a drink first thing in the morning?」

… One person still wants to drink?

「Good morning! Ojisama, it’s morning so no more alcohol for you. I have brought you breakfast」
「I didn’t serve it to you last night, but this is also smoked food」

I started serving the smoked Sharken while saying such.
I cut the smoked Sharken and placed it on top of plenty of rice.
I added a spoonful of Ikura to each plate and sprinkled the Sharken’s crispy skin with dashi and poured tea over it.

It’s a dashi Chazuke smoked Sharken.

I garnished it pseudo honeywort and placed it before the three.
In addition, I served miso soup, Japanese omelet and pickles.
It would be ncie if I had clams since they drank, but… let’s look for them in the fresh waters the next time.


The three let out sighs while eating the Ochadzuke. Umu, Ochadzuke is the best after drinking, isn’t it!

「What is this… so yummy. Where did you get something like Sharken? You shouldn’t be able to get them around here…」

Tirie-san asked about the acquisition while slowly savoring the taste.

「Fufu, it’s a secret」

Mashiro brought me a mountain of Sharkens from his birthplace, you see!?
It would get troublesome again if we talked about warping, so let’s say away from that topic.

「To easily order something so difficult to obtain. One should say as expected of the Ellisfeed House. However, this is good. It’s quite impressing after drinking so much」

Galvano Ojisama asked for seconds after gulping down the Ochadzuke as if drinking.
… I would rather if you savor the taste a little more though… besides, Ochadzuke isn’t a beverage, you know?

「… I usually don’t have an appetite after drinking too much, but… this is easy to eat」

Otousama smoothly ate Ochadzuke with his glabella slightly furrowed.
Otousama, drink moderately, okay… no matter how much of a strong drinker you are, to try to keep with the black hole that is Galvano Ojisama would be impossible no matter what, okay?

Like this, the Galvano Ojisama appreciation day and the unveiling of the smoked food safely came to an end.


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