Shomin no Aji – Chapter 211

Apology and the handling of Guild Master.


「I’m truly sorry!」

I was doing a sliding dogeza in my mind, but it’s not like a Duke’s daughter could do dogeza that simply, so I silently lowered my head as much as I could. This is also normally an out for the nobility though…

「It’s fine, geez…」

Taken aback, Shin let out a deep sigh and forgave me.

「To begin with, it’s my work to make food for my employer」
「No buts. Nobility shouldn’t lower their heads to commoners this simply, right?」

If he says that, then I think that grabbing my head in iron claw is also not something Shin should do that simply, but I would be only stirring the hornest’s nest if I said that, so I will keep silent.

「Well, for Guild Master to be there was beyond my expectations though」

Gu… that’s right. Originally, last night’s drinking bout was supposed to be only between Galvano Ojisama and Otousama, so we only told the servants that「Another guests will come」in Tirie-san’s case. Otousama apparently only told the long-timers「That guy will come, so I will leave the matters to you」. Otousama… I understand that you don’t want the future young servants of our family to suffer, but please report such matters properly!

「Ugh, I’m also very sorry about the lack of communication…」
「No, Head Chef knew about it and send me there, so you don’t have to worry about it」

Head Chef… can you do with a salary cut?

「It’s quite difficult to handle Guild Master, so… it can’t be helped」

Do you mean that in the big sis way?

「You are aware of Guild Master’s true nature, right?」

Yes, of course. I nodded.

「There has been an unspoken agreement to particularly not spread Guild Master’s true nature. I knew of it since a long time ago, so I obviously didn’t spread the rumors」

Unspoken agreement? What’s that?

Apparently, Tirie-san’s sexual disposition (?) is quite a famous story among adventurers, but the outside doesn’t seem to know about it very much.
Thus, many young ladies fall at first sight for those appearances of his…

(Recalling the reactions of our young maids, I can consent)

When the adventurers tried to tell the truth to the young ladies「Open your eyes! That person is…」they were shouted at「You are trying to obstruct my love by insulting him, aren’t you!」and it had the opposite effect, so there have been couples forming after watching over them and comforting their broken hearts.

… The hell is that?
Isn’t Tirie-san, in a way, a cupid for all the adventurers?

「Besides, when an adventurer starts dating a young lady that got rejected, he seemingly won’t lay his hands upon that adventurer anymore」

Basically, he will lay his hands only upon single men.
Tirie-san is surprisingly loyal…?
… N? What about Otousama?
Is he being simply teased?

「Well, be sure to tell me properly the next time, alright? I don’t know what I would do if I was told anyway though…」

Haha, Shin stared into the distance while letting out a dry laugh. S, surely not…

「Umm, Shin? Last night… you were safe, right?」

I asked timidly.

「… Would you normally ask with the current course of events? … I was, more or less, safe. I’m befittingly mentally exhausted though」

… He must have experienced a substantial sexual harassment… I wanted to clap on his shoulder and tell him not to mind it, but because of my height, I conveyed my apology with bacon.

「… Thanks」

Shin received it with a complicated expression.
… Don’t mind it?


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