Shomin no Aji – Chapter 213

Do I have to go?


「Eh…? To the Capital?」

On a certain winter day, Otousama suddenly informed me of me going to the Capital.

「That’s right. You are also going to enter the academy there in the spring of next year. Your high society debut is still far off, but you have to attend a tea party with other young people during the social season, which is now」

Ha~… I see. It’s probably in order to learn who is who, so you wouldn’t carelessly attack a person of higher standing after enrolling.

In my case, the number of higher ranked people than me is limited, so I’m going there rather for my appearances to spread among the lower ranked nobles with something like,「Yeesss~ attention! I’m the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea-chan☆ Be careful, so you are not impolite to me☆」.
… I definitely won’t introduce myself like that though!

Because winter is the social season, the people who usually stay in their fiefs gather in the Capital before the highways get covered in snow, and hold tea gatherings and parties every day at this and that house. Nobles gather information and deepen their friendships, and crazes are also born during that time.
At that time, there are a few opportunities for children to interact with each other.

Come to think of it, Otousama and Okaasama would spend nearly all winter in the Capital every year, wouldn’t they…
Both of them would frequently return, so I wasn’t worried much.

Originally, I was supposed to go with them to the Capital every year, but…
Although my enormous magical power stabilized year by year, I didn’t learn how to control it and thus couldn’t go in public with doubts that my magical power could run wild at any moment, so I was holed up in the fief.

(Although there seems to be another reason of Otousama not wanting me to meet His Majesty)

After my past life’s memories resurfaced, I wanted to learn how to control magic power because I wanted to use magic in this world of fantasy. I managed to learn how to properly control it from Teacher Marlen, my magical power never ran wild, and I learned various magic. Yeah, I did my best.

Teacher Marlen also said that「Miss Cristea’s learning speed is out of common sense…」.

… Ehhh~? I worked hard, so why don’t you just praise me instead? Wasn’t it you, Teacher Marlen, who crammed so much things in my head because you found it amusing! Telling me I’m out of common sense is cruel of you! Incomprehensible…!

I didn’t learn how to control my magical power before my memories resurfaced, so I was escaping from Teacher Marlen because I was afraid to learn magic…
Using magic became fun after being able to see the clear picture, so I learned fast, didn’t I?

When I think about it now, my magical power circulation during those times was too poor. Right now, I have the adult of my past life with me, so I’m mentally stable which means that there’s basically no need to worry about my magical power running wild.

… Eh? It’s a lie that my mind is stable? Rather, it’s running wild in another direction? Which one of you was thinking that!?
… It was the self-aware me!

It’s no exaggeration to say that the vector of energies that was supposed to run wild is now running towards food. As a result, I got a nickname,「Repulsive food eating lady」.
… What a disgrace!
Going to the Capital after being nicknamed like that… what to do… haa… it’s still better than being called a Villainess… I’m scared of the image of drinking and eating too much I have built for myself.

I do have the title of Duke’s daughter, but I’m a liiiiitle bit fond of delicious things, so I made them if they don’t exist, see? I’m just a girl who works hard, you know?

… By the way, no objections will be accepted!

「Umm… can I not participate this year too…?」
「Probably not. Both you and your surroundings will be troubled after you enter the academy if you don’t show your face a little」

… I thought so~


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