Shomin no Aji – Chapter 215

Let's ask Galvano Ojisama!


After that, I have warped in the garden behind Galvano Ojisama’s workshop together with Mashiro and Kurogane. Kaguya is house-sitting as she said that she would be bored in the smithery if she went… I think it’s interesting though~?

「Excuse me… Ojisama~? Are you in?」

I thought of going from the front, but even though Galvano Ojisama’s workshop is away from the main street of the craftsmen district, it’s quite popular so there’s a considerable traffic. I have also came without a disguise, so I tried calling out from the back entrance.

「… Hmm? It’s you, Jouchan? What’s the matter?」

I broadly smiled after seeing Ojisama slowly coming out from the workshop while I was peeking from the back entrance so I wouldn’t get discovered.

「Erm… do you have a hammer?」
「… You are going to use it, Jouchan? I think it will be too heavy for you?」
「… I thought so…」
「In the first place, Jouchan doesn’t need such a weapon, right?」
「Ah, not a weapon, but one for Mochi pounding… mallet… a wooden mallet the size of a hammer would actually be good…」
「Mochi pounding? Mallet? What’s that?」

Ah, right. He wouldn’t understand about Mochi pounding.
When I simply explained what a mallet is, Ojisama immediately prepared to undertake my request.

「A carpenter would be able to make something like this in no time. Wait here for a moment」

Galvano Ojisama left the workshop and went to the craftsmen disctrict while laughing.

… I wonder if it was a good idea to leave this to Ojisama?
I didn’t think it would be this easy to obtain, so it was a bit anticlimactic.

「… It would be boring to just wait, so let’s prepare a lunch for him for his labour」

I have come here several times before, so I know where the kitchen is. I decided to enter without a permission.

「… There’s only wonderful alcohol」

There are also dry snacks… fish appetizers for alcohol, salt-pickled meat, cheese, and nuts.
He probably has his meals at restaurants or bars.

「No matter how long-lived the Dwarves are, his body will break like this」

Good grief, what a troublesome fellow…

I took out the earthenware pot with a freshly cooked rice and made Onigiri. The fillings are Sharken flakes and Ume.
Then, I made Dashimaki Tamago and a pot of Orc soup with plenty of vegetables.

… My stock is perfect, so I wouldn’t be troubled even if stranded. Taking things out at a time like this is convenient, isn’t it? I’m glad I have met you, Inventory.

「I’m back… Ohh? I thought I smelled something good」
「It’s almost lunchtime, so please eat up」

I placed the Dashi Tamago and the pot of Orc soup on the table and served it in a big bowl.
Normal bowl is too small for Ojisama after all. The Onigiri too, is the maximum size of what I could grab. Still, it would look tiny in front of Ojisama.

「Oh, oh. I will eat it gratefully」

Galvano Ojisama laughed happily.

「I will leave the pot here, so eat properly, okay? The Orc soup is full of vegetables after all」
「I don’t eat vegetables in my meals… is what I would like to say, but I’m sure the vegetables Jouchan made will be delicious. I got it. I won’t leave behind a single drop」
「Fufu, you promise?」
「Aight, aight. Ah, right. Is this fine?」

Saying such, Galvano Ojisama pointed at the mallet on his belt.

「Woah! That’s right! That’s it!」

It was just the mallet I have imagined.

「Thank you very much. The price…」
「It’s fine, something like that. The meal offsets it」
「Eh, but…」

That does not seem balanced…

「Don’t mind it. The fellow who made this was indebted to me anyway」

He pulled out the mallet and held id out for me, so I decided to gratefully accept it.

「Thank you very much, Ojisama! I will bring you a plenty of Omochi once it’s done!」
「Ohh, you do that」

I thanked Ojisama who laughed at me and left the workshop.

Yaay~! I have obtained a mallet~!


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