Shomin no Aji – Chapter 216

The story of Kaguya's and Cristea's meeting. (Kaguya PoV)


I had a seriously terrible experience.
To sum it up.

At the time I couldn’t find a good prey and was on my last bits of magical power, I came across some boys.
Their magical power seemed quite delicious, so I approached them in my black cat form and planned to chomp the feminine-looking one when they let their guards down.

「Oh my? A cat, huh… are you hungry?」

While saying such, the boy tossed some food my way.

Alright, I will chomp down on this fellow here… just as I was thinking that, I felt unbelievable remnants of magical power in the food he tossed to me.

… Just what is this? Isn’t that way too delicious?
I forgot about the boy in front of me and devoured the food he dropped for me.
… Isn’t this yummy.
There was only a little of magical power, but it was of a considerable quality. However, it’s slightly different from this fellow’s magical power…

「Is it tasty? It’s a sandwich my little sister made after all. It’s special」
「Fuouhiyao… ngu. Giving something this delicious to a cat is wasteful」

The boy whom he was having the meal said.
Certainly. Giving others something so delicious is foolish. Well, this is already mine.
Munch, munch, I ate it in a hurry.

「Well… Cristea loves animals after all. She would surely do the same」

The boy said and smiled gently.

Hmmm. Both this fellow and his little sister are softhearted, huh.
Apparently, the owner of that delicious magical power is this boy’s little sister.
… Might as well follow this fellow back to his home and eat that little sister of his…

I thought it was a good idea at that time…

I really didn’t think that pipsqueak would get frightened, feed me an aphrodisiac mushroom, caress me while restrained, and then snatch all of my remaining magical power… ahh, what a disaster.

In the end, she put a collar on my neck and started treating me as a pet. This me!!
If I remove it forcibly or kill that Jouchan, I will end up dying as well, so there wasn’t anything I could do.

Ahh, it’s the end of me…

I thought such.
After living with her for a while, although I couldn’t return to my form, I wasn’t troubled about food, and I was given a little bit of that delicious magical power.
There’s no labour necessary to look for a suitable prey.

… What the hell. What were those hardships for?
To not have to worry about anything and eat all day…

Well, it was troublesome when the previous residents, Fenrir and Holy Bear got jealous and persistent, but it was not for nothing. They shot themselves in the foot.

Nonetheless, it’s not like none of my pride remained.
It’s not like I thought that things are good this way…

While carefully pondering about things by the window, Jouchan’s maid… the one called Miria entered the room.

「Cristea-sama…? Geez, she is definitely in the kitchen again」

While muttering after not finding the room’s Lord, she noticed me.

「My… you are the newcomer Neko-chan, aren’t you? If I’m not mistaken… Kaguya, was it?」

Jouchan told me that「This person will also give you food, so don’t be bad to her, okay!」, so let’s greet her a bit.

「Fufu, you are house-sitting, aren’t you?」

She stroked my back while saying such. Both Jouchan and this woman are good, these animal enthusiasts are skillful at patting.

「You have a wonderful fur… it’s pitch black and silky… like a bright night, I heard your name had such meaning… ah, your eyes are like golden moons, aren’t they?」

She said that while peering into my face, but I have never been bothered by the color of my eyes.

「Cristea-sama is a disastrous person, so you guys give her some healing, okay? Just like your name… shining moons lighting up the night…」

Fufu, just kidding. Miria laughed and left the room.

Shining moons lighting up the night… huh. Hmph.
I’m received good things to eat. I don’t know how am I supposed to heal her, but my life is on the line as well, so protecting her a bit might not be bad.

While thinking that, I soundly fell asleep.


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