Shomin no Aji – Chapter 217

I forgot to do prior preparations...!


Nooow then! I have safely obtained the mallet, so let’s get the Mochi pounding started!

… When I enthusiastically returned home, I remembered that I didn’t do any prior preparations…
I didn’t know whether I will be able to obtain a mallet, so it can’t be helped.

Deciding to leave the Mochi pounding for tomorrow, I submerged the sticky rice in water.
It has to be properly soaked in cold water or the hulls will remain even after steaming.

I have strictly warned everyone in the kitchen, this is rice for a new dish, so make sure not to cook it!
It wouldn’t be a joke if I woke up in the morning at it had been cooked…

I reviewed the plans with a strainer in a pot that I will use instead of a steamer.
Ah… I forgot about the Mochi powder!
I’m glad I remembered.
There’s no Mochi powder! I’m glad it didn’t turn out like that…

If I’m not mistaken, potato starch or non-glutinous rice should be fine. Non-glutinous rice… that’s just a rice powder, right?
I did make it once when I was polishing rice for the first time with magical power…

I picked the rice form the corner of the kitchen, and broke the rice into small pieces while imagining pulverizing it with magical power.
O… ou. Pulverizing uncooked rice… I’m quite scary if I say so myself.
After turning the rice into small pieces, I crushed it even more in a mortar and turned it into a fine powder. That should be it for Mochi powder.
… I might be able to make a rice flour for dumplings in this way too… let’s give it a try next time.

All that’s left is a stone mortar… I tried creating it from Earth magic by depending on the memories of my past life. I have to imagine a proper toughness too… confirm the size of the mallet. Yeah, looks good.

I dipped the mallet into water overnight so the tip wouldn’t break. With this, is all I should have done yesterday finished?
All that’s left is to pound and steam Mochi to my heart’s content tomorrow. Ahh, I’m looking forward to it!

As for the Mochi pounding, it should be all right even for me if I strengthen my body with magic, but I decided to ask Kurogane just in case.
Rather than a pipsquak like me, it would be better if Kurogane pounded it thoroughly.
I’m the person in charge.

I have roughly explained the procedure to Mashiro and Kurogane so it should be all right.

Also, I’m thinking of involving Shin in tomorrow’s Mochi pounding.
Shin might possibly not now of Mochi though…

From what I heard from Sei, Omochi exists in Yahatul as well, so I would like Shin to learn how to make it. Shin’s Otousama might have eaten it too as it’s food from his birthplace after all.

… Just kidding. I want hands for making Mochi. It would be faster with more people, but I have to choose carefully as they might get seduced by the taste… although I say that, everyone in the kitchen got interested after hearing the words “new dish,” so I decided to make samples with my little hands while letting Shin, Kurogane and Mashiro make the normal-sized Mochi.
If possible, I would like to make Kiri Mochi too…
… It seems we will have to make Mochi in the Capital… it seems I will have to secretly put the tools into my Inventory and make it while putting up a barrier…


After that, I spend my time by thinking of toppings that would match Mochi and prepared for the visit of the Capital.

Ahh, won’t it become tomorrow soon…


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