Shomin no Aji – Chapter 220

Let's go round and round!


After that, the four of us were rolling Omochi.

When I cut the Omochi in equal parts… Kurogane and Mashiro told me that it must be hot and switched with me after learning from watching…

The two immediately got the knack for it and popopopopon! cut it in a flash, so Shin and I were rolling in a hurry… they were seemingly competing and quarreling over who will cut more, so when I used the「No meal if you quarrel」card after a long time, the two became obedient and started helping. Good, good.

「I wanted to compete over who is more useful to Cristea…」

Mashiro said dejectedly.

「Umu. If it’s for Lord’s sake, then I want to be more useful than anyone else」

Kurogane replied while nodding his head.

No, no. Far from being only useful, you two are super useful, alright!
When I said that, paaa… the two started smiling.

「I would be happier if you two cooperated though?」
「… I shall try my best」
「… I will do my best as much as possible」

… It can’t be apparently helped because of the monopolizing instincts of the Sacred Beasts. I, I see…


The Omochi is done, so let’s do some Mochi cooking!
… Did you think that? Too bad!

I have to depart to the Capital with Otousama and others the next day, so the unveiling will be done in the Capital… rather, I decided to put them in the New Year’s Ozouni.

… They may become my snacks until then though!

There might not be enough to use at the New Year’s in the Capital’s mansion though… yeah, mainly because of my consumption.

Since I have the opportunity, how about leaving the recipe in the fief’s mansion’s kitchen and having Kurogane or Mashiro deliver a supply of Mochi once the chefs finish making them?

While thinking so, the first Mochi pounding of the Ellisfeed House came to an end.

After tidying up the tools, I cast Clear magic on everyone as they were all covered in Mochi powder.
I don’t mind it because of the Clear magic, but I would like an apron…

… I do have an apron.
It’s adorned with laces and frills, it looks like a gorgeous apron of a newlywed or something…

I have wished for a simple apron, but the worker in the charge of my dresses strongly opposed like: “To let Cristea wear something so simple would be a sin!” and made an apron with an excess of frills. This is indeed a dress… but wrong, what I wanted wasn’t a dress, but practical apron…

This is too much… while thinking so, I persuaded the worker that it would get in the way while cooking and may become dangerous, so the decorations were suppressed.
… And yet, it’s a newlywed’s apron. I can’t comprehend.
Even though I wanted something simpler…

Now, I’m terrified thinking about the day the cook’s apron I wanted will be finished…

Trembling while imagining that, I dispelled the barrier that was obstructing the outside from seeing us and left the kitchen.

「Ojousama! How did the new product go!?」

The one who shouted that was Head Chef who rushed over.

O, ou… you are enthusiastic as ever, aren’t you?
That’s the reason he climbed up at the post of the head chef, but… your eyes are bloodshot and scary, you know? Also, you are too close, too close!

「Y, yes… it went well, but it won’t be used until the New Year’s, so…」

When I replied while feeling overwhelmed, it seemed as if Head Chef received an earth-shattering shock.

「How can this be…! On the New Years…! Doesn’t that mean you will do that in the Capital’s mansion then…!」

P, please don’t make such expression as if the world is going to end… you are exaggerating.

「… I should apply for a leave tomorrow and accompany you to the Capital…」

He muttered that under his nose, so when I told him I will have Kurogane deliver the recipe in the near future,「Using Sacred Beast-sama as an errand boy, that’s too frightening!」he rejected with all his might. Ehh… that didn’t work?

Since there was no other choice, I promised to show it to everyone after the New Year’s, to which he agreed.

What was the position of the Duke’s daughter in our house again… that is the question I was pondering about late into the night.


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