Shomin no Aji – Chapter 221

Task before the departure.


It’s morning. Let’s depart to the Capital~!
… Is what I thought, but we are apparently leaving in the afternoon.

Since our Ducal territory of Ellisfeed is quite close to the Capital, we would apparently arrive in the night if we departed by carriage in the morning.
However, we don’t know what danger might happen and we wouldn’t be able to use money along the way, so we will slowly depart in the afternoon and spend a night in an inn on the way.
Ueeh~ so troublesome…

But, departing in the afternoon is convenient for me.
Why? I can tell Sei that we won’t be able to meet for a while and also hand him the Omochi we made.
That being the case, I contacted Byakko-sama via telepathy and warped to Sei’s place.

「Sei, I’m going to the Capital after this, so I won’t be here for a while. Also, this is the Omochi we made from the sticky rice from before. Have a try with everyone if you’d like」

I did not think that Sei and the Divine Beasts are skilled at preparing food, so I handed it together with a simple memo of how to eat it properly.
I added Kinako and red bean paste too.
They have ingredients for the sweet soy sauce so there’s no problem there.

「Ohh! Thank you. I didn’t think I would be able to eat Mochi in Doristan. So you knew of Mochi too?」

Sei happily accepted the Mochi. Uhh.

「W, well, a bit… Are you not making Omochi at the Bastea Company?」
「I wonder? I heard the sticky rice was ordered after a long time」
「I wonder what was done with the ordered sticky rice before?」

They won’t get orders unless its use is known after all.

「I heard the president’s favorite dish was Sekihan…」
「Ah, I see…」

Sekihan, huh… well, since the sticky rice is available I should make Sekihan as well!
In that case, Seiro or steamer would really be necessary… should I look whether they are in the Capital? If not… I have to make it.

N? Wait a moment? Since they were making Sekihan…

「Say, Sei? Does Bastea Company have Seiro or steamers?」

As for the result, they had them.
Not steamers but Seiro. However, that’s sufficient!
They had both large and smaller ones, so I bought a few and returned home.

With Seiro, I can make steamed vegetables and Nikuman! Ah, Anman would be nice too!
If I obtain a nicely stretching cheese, then pizzaman might be also possible.

Steamed vegetables are healthy and a tender, warm vegetable dish after a tiring party might be good.

Cristea chuckled with a complacent smile at the unexpected harvest before the departure.

When I warped back into my room, it was almost time for the departure, so Miria was calling for me.
This time, Miria is also accompanying me to the Capital as my maid.

There are many people at the Capital’s mansion too, but Miria knows my preferences and behavior the best, so Otousama judged that she will tactfully stop me when I’m to do something to feel guilty about.
In addition, even Shin is going along with us as a person in charge of the Yahatul ingredients… he’s definitely going to be my watchdog in the kitchen, isn’t it!?

… Gununu, how rude.
A duty to follow me with the assumption I will do something bad… no, he set me up with supervisors.

I’m, pretty much, a Duke’s daughter.
Why don’t I show you how I bury myself in ten or twenty cats!
… I don’t need a tsukkomi that I don’t have twenty cats, alright?

Hmph! Seeing me this enthusiastic, Miria must be thinking something like「That Cristea-sama, she’s enthusiastic about something again… I’m worried…」.
Ugh, even Miria… I won’t lose!


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