Shomin no Aji – Chapter 226

We have arrived at the mansion!


As we advanced through nothing but lined up mansions of the nobility, we reached a mansion with a continuously long wall compared to others.
Apparently, the residences of the lower nobles are closer to the merchant district, so the residences of the higher nobility are the further you go.
While deeply pondering about that in my mind, we entered the property with the lengthy wall… eh? Here??
… Ah, the gatekeepers have clothes embroidered in the Ducal style, don’t they? Yeah, this is the place.
… So it’s here!!! It’s huge though!?

… It’s even longer after passing through the gate though?
The fief’s mansion aside, to have such big mansion in the Capital too…

Because I was shut in the fief, I actually didn’t feel like Otousama was such eminent noble even though I knew about it… seeing such clear difference, a Ducal House really is incredible, isn’t it… I thought so earnestly.
Someway or another, I am a sheltered girl who is ignorant of the ways of the world, am I not…

「Welcome back, Masters」

When I got down from the carriage after stopping, the servants with a Steward in the lead were lined up in two rows to welcome the masters. Ohh, what a spectacle.

「Umu, the number of people will increase starting today, but I will leave it to you」
「Certainly. I’m glad that things will liven up. Now then, you guys」

With a single comment of the Steward, everyone got to work. Those who got down the baggage and carried it inside, those who took care of our coats… everyone moved briskly without wasting time.

A, amazing… as expected of servants working at Ducal House in the Capital…

In comparison, everyone in the fief… yeah, they are working properly, but they are moderately lax. I do feel more at ease with people like that though…

「Cristea, you might not remember, but this is the Steward, Gilbert」

Who was introduced to me was a white-haired, neatly dressed old gentlemen. Hou, hou, so he’s not Sebas-chan, huh. How regretful.
Or perhaps, is there Sebas-chan among the butlers?

「Master, when Cristea-sama was here the last time, she was very small after all… it’s pleasure to see you again, Cristea-sama. If there’s anything you need, please order us as you please」

O, ou… how to say it, he looks like Ojiisama who had certainly been popular in his youth. He aged well as he has only a few wrinkles, is this the so-called handsome geezer?
If I was a woman who is attracted to older men, I would surely fall for him… no, that would be too much because of the grandchild-grandpa difference in age, right? I did not fall for him, okay?

「Nice to meet you, Gilbert. I will be in your care」

When I greeted him cheerfully, Gilbert closed his eyes and smiled.

「How beautiful and lovely you have grown up to be… everytime Master is here, he speaks how much he wants to see Cristea-sama again」

… Otousama, you were saying something so embarrassing?

「Gilbert! You don’t need to say unnecessary things like that! Return to your work」

Otousama ordered him poutingly… is he embarrassed?

「Yes. Excuse me」

Gilbert started giving instructions to the servants while chuckling to himself.

I’m certain that Gilbert knows Otousama since he was a child.
I felt the familiarity oozing from the two.
During the stay, I would like to ask about Otousama’s mischievous era.

We have been each taken to our rooms to change clothes and then have a dinner.

Dishes of the Capital, I’m really looking forward to it!


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