Shomin no Aji – Chapter 229

After the Capital's meal.


After the dinner, Otousama had something to talk about with Gilbert, so they left for the office.
Okaasama excused herself in order to check the dresses and ornaments for the parties together with the Head Maid.

… As for me, Okaasama gave me a warning,「We will be putting together your dress tomorrow, or we will have a new one sewn, alright? You can’t go outside!」. Ueeh… I returned to my room with my neighbors.

「A~hh… to finally arrive at the Capital and not being able to go out…」

Even though I wanted to visit the market and take a look at a Cafe and general stores…

Ah! Come to think of it, Sei did say that there’s a branch of the Bastea Company in the Capital. I have to confirm where it is and make a visit during my stay.
If I am able to obtain Yahatul ingredients even in the Capital, I will be feeling much more relieved even after entering the academy.

I was told it was thanks to my benevolence or something, but I didn’t do anything…

「Cristea-sama, you must be fatigued so quickly go to sleep. I heard the hot water has been prepared」
「Thank you. Indeed, because I was on the move yesterday and today, I would like to take a slow bath」

Right. Both the fief’s mansion and the Capital’s mansion have baths. With that alone, I think I’m glad I was born a noble.
I can clean myself with Clear magic, but as a former Japanese, leisurely soaking in the bathtub to warm myself is the way to go.

As for me, I would love to take the baths by myself, but that would be not letting the servants do their work.
When compared to the beginning, I have already resigned to it or perhaps got accustomed to it, so I can only leave them to it.
But, when wanting to warm myself up and relax in the bath, I do it by myself. Although I feel a little uncomfortable when I think that someone is keeping watch on the other side of the door…

「… Haa, I feel revived…」

Fragrant herbs were packed in coarse cloth pouches and put into the bathtub, so the bath’s relaxing effect is outstanding.

Which reminds me, the first bath I took after the memories of my past life resurfaced, I intentionally muttered「Gokuraku, gokuraku…」and Miria who heard that asked in puzzlement「Gokuraku, gokuraku? Is that some kind of a charm?」, didn’t she…
In this world, there doesn’t seem to be words people say without thinking when taking a relaxing bath. In the first place, they don’t take baths that much.

Clear magic and wiping one’s body with a wet cloth, soaking in warm water is apparently an extravagance only nobles and wealthy people can afford.

I see… if not using an expensive magic stone to warm up the water, then you can only use a large amount of firewood to boil the water.
When I think that, spending this much of hot water is nothing but extravagance…

… Yeah, I’m glad I am a noble. I do have Clear magic, but as I thought, the bath is where it is! I wouldn’t be able to bear it otherwise!

After properly warming myself up while feeling blessed by being born a noble, I got out of the bath and waited for Miria and other maids to wipe my body, dry my hair with magic, paint me with a cream or something similar, and put me in the nightwear. Ahh, I wonder if it’s all right to rely on them that much…

「Well then, Cristea-sama. Good night」
「Thank you. Good night」

With the maids leaving, I entered my room and slipped into the warmed up bed. Miria who confirmed that withdrew from the anteroom and will take a break.

Except for Miria for basic cleaning, the servants were strictly prohibited to enter my bedroom.
And that’s because…

『Good grief, I can finally take it easy』
『Finally, together with Cristea!』

Everyone returned to their beast forms.
An Obstruction magic has been apparently applied to the room that was given to Mashiro and Kurogane.
And thus, they came to my room.
They should sleep in their room that was prepared so meticulously… is how I won’t think because I immediately surrendered to the mofumofu that was besieging me.

『Hey, you are in the way. Squeeze up a bit more』

Kaguya-san was continuously poking my face, so I slipped slightly to the side and covered her by the blanket.
Yeah, it’s warm.

Haa, mofumofu and warm…

… Fuwaa… good night.


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