Shomin no Aji – Chapter 232

It's the strategy meeting!


After a half day of trying on clothes, I had to go along with accessories that and hairstyles this… I’m exhausted.

No, it was for my sake, alright?
On the occasion, Okaasama also chose a fabric for her dress, you see?
… I’m dead tired.
Do Ojousamas and Okusamas of high society always work this hard? Celebs are scary.

It’s an impossible world for me who preferred fast fashion and chose clothes based on comfort in my past life…
I’m trembling with fear just form thinking that this would become my everyday life after debuting. I feel like I won’t be able to do it.

「Cristea-sama, thank you for your hard work」

Miria served me a tea and said with a wry smile.

「Yes, I’m truly tired… I have fully realized that I have been taking it too leisurely back in the fief…」

I’m aware that the reason Otousama and Okaasama didn’t force me to the Capital even through the frequent scolding, was that they didn’t want to force me until I was able to stabilize the control of my magical power.

Still, they hired tutors including a manner teacher so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself when the time for me to live in the Capital comes, so I’m really grateful. Because that knowledge and conduct will become my weapons in this world.
Although I don’t know whether I can put it to practice yet.

… However, it looks that I have been playing around too much after my past life’s memory resurfaced.
Because I didn’t show myself, various disgraceful rumors started circling around me, causing Otousama and others many troubles…
Yeah! Here, I must create a better image that won’t smudge the Ellisfeed House!

「… that being the case, I’m thinking of working hard during this period to give off good impressions. What do you think I should do?」

I held a serious strategy meeting in my room with Mashiro and Kurogane.
I can’t consult only Miria, so I tried asking more people.

「Ermm… make delicious sweets?」

Mashiro replied while eating Dorayaki.

「Yeah. That might work」

It might be a good idea to serve the sweets I made at a tea party.

「However, there are the rumors of Lord eating strange things and having digestive problems, right? Would people eat the pastry made by someone like that?」

Kurogane interrupted.

「Ugh! T, that’s also true… what do I have to do, I wonder…」

But my redeeming features currently consist only of cooking… yeah.

「I believe it will be fine if Lord stays being Lord though」
「Un. I think such Cristea is the best」
「Kurogane, Mashiro…」

Aren’t you saying something pleasant?
But you see, the rumors won’t be wiped out like that. Like that, I will dive straight towards the Repulsive food eating lady path, you know?

「Umm… Cristea-sama? If you stand out too much, wouldn’t the engagement talks come to light again…?」
「Ha! … There was that too, huh」

Miria who knows that I don’t want to become the Crown Prince’s fiancée candidate remarked.

… That’s right, in order to enjoy the life of freedom in the future, I can create that much better of an image, huh… hey, if I’m careless, won’t I turn into a loner!?
Eeeeeh, I don’t want thaaaat!

「… Miria, what do you think I should do?」

I inquired from Miria while staring at her with teary eyes.

「… Let’s see… I guess if you stop disappearing all of sudden, don’t stay in the kitchen that frequently, and eat strange things… well, they were all delicious in the end, but… won’t be restraining yourself from those be good enough?」

Miria answered with a smile.
… She basically wants to say that I frequently make it difficult for her, right?
I wanted to tsukkomi really bad, but Miria’s smile was somewhat scary so I restrained myself.

… In the end, what am I supposed to do?


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