Shomin no Aji – Chapter 233

In conclusion.


「In the end, huh? People whom you have never met before are talking rumors about you, so it’s not like you could correct each and every one of them, right?」
「… Well, yes. However, I can’t ignore it either, right? They are not good rumors, you see?」

This is the kitchen in the Capital mansion’s kitchen.

Shin has been apparently barraged with questions about recipes from the Head Chef the moment we arrived. His hands moved for prearrangements while looking a bit depressed.
… Somehow, sorry.

I came here rather than worrying about it in my room, but when I offered to help because I was bored, I was declined that this is not the mansion in the fief and that people would get angry. Tch.

That being the case, I endlessly complained to Shin who was working opposite to me.
I cast the Soundproof magic, so the surroundings can’t hear the contents of our conversation.

「Well, that’s true but… don’t you think that the rumors will gain credibility instead if I conduct myself  strangely?」
「That might happen, huh」
「Right? That’s why I decided not to do anything」

… Also called giving up the thinking.

「… Would that be all right?」
「I don’t know. Instead of not doing anything, I’m thinking about acting more obedient and ladylike than usually」

Since my appearances are not that bad, if I spend the time obediently while bearing a young lady’s manners in mind, I wonder whether it might not end up like「Oh my? Isn’t she different from what we heard? What a wonderful young lady!」or something. (Wishful thinking)
Therefore, I decided to cover myself with more cats than usual, around thirty, and do my best…

「Although I have a feeling that in Ojou’s case, you will get exposed in no time」
「Ugh… actually, I think so too」
「You shouldn’t」

Haha… even though I received a proper lady education, it’s a different story whether I can put it into practice.
I’m not the type with strong public performance after all…
Besides, I haven’t had a chance to talk with girls of the same age as me yet, so even now, I have no idea about the young lady talk.
When I became friends with Sei, I have finally made a girl friend~! he turned out to be a boy…

What to do, what if I can’t keep up with the women talk…
I anguishedly fall into the negative spiral of distress.

「… Well, all of us know that even though you are a strange one, you are not a bad person. The rumors will certainly disappear before long. Do your best」

Shin encouraged me while not looking at me, but his ears turned red possibly because he was embarrassed. Fufu.
But calling me strange was uncalled for, ya know!? Good grief!

「Thank you. I will do my best」
「… Uh-huh」

When I stood up and left the kitchen after dispelling the Soundproof magic, I was caught from behind by the head chef who lied in wait.

「Cristea-sama! I have a question regarding a recipe!」

Gege, crap…!

What other uses does this ingredient have? Would it be possible to make the recipe in this way? What could be used as a substitute if we don’t have this? and so on…
I’m happy that he’s hardworking, but being pressed for answers is a bit… this might be serious… Shin, do your best…

Fed up with being questioned by the head chef, I replied to his questions to some extent, but shrewdly got promised a space in the corner of the kitchen for my cooking as well. Fufufu…

Well, it was under the condition that the head chef would watch over me as it is dangerous though… he definitely just wants to see the process, right?

I, who was tired of the assault of questions, turned away and returned to my room with an appropriate「Please return back to work soon, okay?」…


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