Shomin no Aji – Chapter 234

Oniisama has returned!


It seems that the academy has also entered the winter holidays season, and Oniisama returned to the Capital’s mansion.

「Hey, I’m home. Were you well?」
「Oniisama! Welcome home! Yes, Oniisama seems to have been well too」

Indeed, a reunion after the summer holidays. There are many things I want to ask and hear.

「L, long time no see! Miss Cristea! How have you been!?」

… And yet, why are you here!?
Prince Ray suddenly showed his face from behind Oniisama.

「… Your Highness Raymond, it has been a while」

Prince Ray, you…! You are always by Oniisama’s side at the academy, so could you at least restrain yourself at the family reunion!?
Oniisama, do you have to babysit Prince Ray even at during your vacation?? Don’t you have it troublesome…!
I have to reward Oniisama for his troubles later!

「Sorry. Hearing that Cristea arrived in the Capital, His Highness wanted to tag along and wouldn’t listen to refusal」

Oniisama apologized hopelessly.

Ha? Me? Why after hearing that I am here…
… Ha! Is he targeting my sweets again!

Bad luck! I have not made anything since coming to the Capital, so there are no sweets to give to Prince Ray! Fuhaha!

… I have emergency stock in my Inventory, but I have no intentions of taking out the snacks even when it’s important! Therefore! Bad luck!

「My… is that so? It’s just the time for tea and I was thinking of asking the head chef to make something, so please have a meal with us」
「Eh… what? Miss Cristea is not going to make it…?」

Prince Ray was obviously disappointed.
As I thought.

「… Your Highness. My little sister has arrived to the Capital just yesterday, you know? There’s no way she would be that free, right?」

Oniisama said coldly with a smile. Huh? I heard the heater was on, but isn’t it getting colder…?

「Ugh? Ah, t, that so? … Sorry. Both the food I ate in the summer and the sweets I got as souvenir were all delicious, so I just…」

Prince Ray, have you eaten the souvenirs for Queen-sama too… I’m glad I made slightly more, but… you didn’t eat it all before handing it to Queen-sama, did you?

「Your Highness… you ate it even though it was a gift for Queen-sama?」
Thinking the same, Oniisama inquired from Prince Ray in astonishment.

「N? Ahh… no, I delivered it to Mother as soon as I arrived, she was just in the middle of a tea party. I was hurriedly invited over and took part in eating」

Boring. So he didn’t snatch it in secret? Alright then.
… Rather, they ate immediately after he arrived! What about poison testing or something… no, I didn’t put anything strange inside though.

「U, umm… did it suit Queen-sama’s tastes?」

I nervously asked.

「Of course. Mother was so impressed she wanted to thank you directly and was saying how she wants to go to the Ellisfeed fief and eat it there. It was really difficult calming her down…」

Prince Ray said while looking into a far distance.
Eh, what’s that? I haven’t heard anything about that!?

「… Your Highness, it’s my first time hearing about that though?」
「Huh? You didn’t hear from Duke? Mother was asking Duke to let her use the Ellisfeed House’s warping circle, but he told her that Miss Cristea is going to the Capital at the end of the year, so she should leave her impressions for then」

I didn’t hear about that~! Otousamaaa!?

「That being the case, here. It’s a written invitation for a tea party from Mother. There’s one for Duchess as well」

A tea party organized by Queen-sama!?
That is absolutely impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible!

「I’m telling you it will be fine. It’s a private tea party, so there won’t be other unnecessary guests besides you」

Prince Ray said with a smile and pushed the written invitation in my hands.

Wha… that’s even more unreasonably impossible!!!


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