Shomin no Aji – Chapter 235

Let's ask for an explanation!


After spending a teatime with Prince Ray and Oniisama,「I will come again」Prince Ray returned to the royal palace… don’t come.

After seeing Prince Ray off, Oniisama returned to his room and I went to Otousama’s office with that written letter in my hand.

「Otousama! You will give me an explanation for this, right?」

I pressed Otousama for answers while waving the letter in front of his face.
It would be nice if I could bring forth the cold like Oniisama, but… yeah, that’s not possible.

「Ahh, the written invitation has arrived, huh」

Otousama glanced at the invitation I held in my hand.

「It arrived, huh. Not! Why did you not tell me!?」

If I knew about this…

「Because I thought you wouldn’t want to come to the Capital if I told you」

Gu, he read me…

「S, still! Because it’s so sudden, my mental preparations are…!」
「Whether you are mentally prepared or not, even though this is a private invitation, it still summoning from the royalty. You can’t not go, so the result is the same」

No, if I knew beforehand, I would be able to prepare for the things I know and don’t know, you see…!?

「Besides, regarding your summoning, you were supposed to be given a private seat. Originally, His Majesty wanted an official audience between you two, but Prince Ray and I managed to stop him」

Hiee!? What’s that!?
I don’t understand the meaning behind wanting to have audience with me just because of some sweets!?
… Rather, Prince Ray stopped him too! I’m thankful, but please don’t summon me in the first place!

「We are talking about that stupid King. He was surely planning to give impression to the other nobles that you are His Highness’ fiancée candidate. Ha, who would let him?」

Otousama declared annoyingly. Hey, how much of an idiot are you treating His Majesty as… still, to think it was about to become this terrifying..

「… Otousama, thank you very much」
「Umu. By at least coming over, His Majesty won’t try returning to our fief with us. Let’s make the compromise there」
「… Yes」
「If you understand, return」
「… Yes. Excuse me」

I trudgingly left the office.
… In the end, I’m unable to avoid the tea party… haa…

While downhearted, I passed the written invitation to Okaasama.

「My, a written invitation has arrived?」

Okaasama received it calmly.

「Okaasama knew as well, huh?」

Mumu… those two are cruel.

「Naturally. It was me who proposed him not to tell you, you know?」

What! It was Okaasama’s suggestion? … Gununu.

「Good grief… you don’t know how much honor it is to be chosen as the candidate for Crown Princess. I wonder if I made mistake in educating you…」

Okaasama said while sighing.

「No matter how much honor it is, it’s not suitable for me. I don’t think I can accomplish such heavy responsibility」

I don’t want such troublesome title.

「If You, who was born in the Ducal House of Ellisfeed, is blessed with abundant magical power and magic talent, and received the highest education possible is not suitable, then the other noble young ladies should be automatically disqualified」
「Okaasama overestimates me too much」

There are many other dignified young ladies, so choose a person among them… it’s impossible for a commoner like me. Impossible, impossible!

「Oh well, it’s not something to hurry about. Anyhow, I won’t forgive you if you feign illness」

Ugh, how did she foresee my actions?

「Tell Miria to come over here later. I’d like to talk to her about the dresses we will be wearing」

Once again, I trudgingly left the room…


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