Shomin no Aji – Chapter 238

Being able to eat delicious meals is happiness. Yeah.


It’s the dinner time.

Today’s dinner is omurice and salad.
Both ketchup and demiglace sauce are prepared.
The eggs fluffiness is perfect as well.
Umu. This is undisputedly delicious.

Whether it’s thanks to the detailed know-hows of the fief’s Head Chef or not, being able to eat delicious meals even in the Capital is happiness.

… If I had to say, then I would like to enjoy a high-quality meal that is not my recipe though… no, I understand that I’m saying something extravagant, you know? Yes.

But you see? I’m finally in the Capital after all.
Isn’t it human nature wanting to eat something delicious that is different from the usual!?

If I had to describe my current situation in the past life’s settings, it would be like thinking of wanting to eat the delicious cuisine at a foreign country and brought Japanese cuisine with the words「You have yearned for the Japanese taste, right?」.
The salvation is being able to taste the chef’s skills… I guess.

Although I say that, a delicious meal is a justice, so I properly savored the dinner, you know?


A while after the dinner, I went to the kitchen.
The chefs also finished eating and it seems that the clean-up was over as well.
Head Chef and Shin were waiting in an orderly and clean space.

「Cristea-sama! I have been waiting!」

Head Chef came over to welcome me as if he was impatient from the waiting. Shin followed after him with a face that was saying good grief.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m sorry to use the equipment even though you cleaned it with much effort…」
「Don’t mind it at all! I did not think that the opportunity to see Cristea-sama cooking herself would come this fast!」

He stared at me with sparkling eyes full of anticipation… ugh, if I tell him that I’m only preparing the pie crust for tomorrow, he might get disappointed…

「T, that so? I thought of only making the pie crust today and doing the rest tomorrow though…」

I told him while feeling guilt.

「Pie crust? Is that a new recipe!?」

Head Chef seemed joyful from the name he has never heard before.
Ah, he got baited over that, huh.

「Yes, rather than a new recipe… it has various uses, so there’s no loss in memorizing it…」
「I understand! Thank you very much for your teaching!」

Eh, when did it become about me teaching the head chef, I wonder…?
I began making the pie crust while not being able to understand.

Wheat flour, butter, cold water, and salt.
That’s all you need.
Originally, you would need a mix of hard and weak flours, but this world hasn’t come this far yet. Whole wheat flour is fundamentally used the most, with a pure white wheat flour arranged for the nobility.
Well, I’m fond of the whole wheat flour, so I’m usually fine with using that…
It’s a present for Queen-sama this time. It should better look beautiful, so I will use the pure white flour.

I cut the cooled butter in small pieces and mix it with the flour. I knead until they are completely combined.
After that, I add the cold water and salt and briefly mix it with a spatula. I don’t add too much water, it’s fine being floury.

I flatten to about 1cm thickness, and put it into the refrigerator… not, I put it into the cold room and let it cool off.

This is all for today.
It will be done overnight while I’m sleeping.
Tomorrow morning, I just have to stretch and fold it with a rolling pin… by repeatedly folding, the pie sheet will be done.

「Eh? That’s it?」

Head Chef looked a little let-down.

「That’s it for the preparations of the pie crust. I will be continuing tomorrow morning」
「Yes! I will be in your care!」

Head Chef was happy that there was a continuation.
Umu, the illusionary wagging tail is clearly visible… should I make a little more?

「Come to think of it, did you have the apples?」
「Yes! We had some for trying to make a jam out of it」

Ohh, an apple jam! How nice.
That reminds me, there was a jam as preserved foods in a recipe I wrote.
I couldn’t use apples that time because it was too early for them at that time, but I have a memory explaining to Head Chef that it could be made out of apples too. He planned to give that a try, didn’t he?

Fumu. Should I make one with apples and one with jam as a test?


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