Shomin no Aji – Chapter 24

First, a consultation.


Since the nukazuke incident, I was strictly ordered to always consult with someone rather than stealthily sneaking around.

… I wonder why am I not trusted so much?

Well, I did eat horses’ feed (rice) and I certainly did go missing to skip lessons in the secret passage, and there’s also the case of the offensively? smelling nukazuke (it made a fuss because everyone in the kitchen found it smelly) but!

… Huh? When I think about it, aren’t those things a good-for-nothing would do…? Huh?
How weird… no, but as a result, things like rice and nukazuke are raising our eating habits and beauty! It’s useful! Un!

Un, well umm.
Consulting is the aspect of basics!
As long as everything proceeds without a hitch, there are no problems!



It was full of problems.
Even though I consulted because I was told to consult~!

「Eh, why!? Isn’t it time you already gave me a permission!?」
「To bring the current Ojousama along would be like releasing a beast in the town, so the frightened me can’t simply do it」

Shin declared so coldly. How rude to treat a maiden who makes even flowers blush like a beast!

「Why not~! Even though I just want to buy some spices and ingredients at the market and eat some delicious food at the street stalls!」
「A ducal house’s lady shouldn’t go shopping at the market in the first place…」

That is quite reasonable! However, I’m not just a normal ducal house’s lady!
Not in a defiant manner, but in the meaning of having memories from my past life, okay! Don’t make a misunderstanding there!

Celebrity-like life is already my daily life, but for me who lived as OL in my past life, I still want to feel my past life’s shopping district’s typical atmosphere.
Even in the shopping meaning! Besides…

「But, the Eastern Island country’s… a merchant ship from Yahatul has arrived, right? They might have some interesting things!」
「So that was your objective as I thought」

Well, of course! That’s why if I’m to go, now’s the time, isn’t it!?

「That’s all the more no. It’s more dangerous now that the foreigners are loitering around. I’m going shopping, so I will buy you something」
「No way! It would have no meaning then! I want to see it myself!」

I mean, there’s a chance they might have it!
Something like a miso, maybe something like a soy sauce or something like this and that!!!!
If they have it, I want it in a barrel or talk with the merchant and make a contract for regular shipment!!!!
I crave for miso and soy sauce to that extent.
My feelings became that much stronger after I discovered rice.
Because if I had miso or soy sauce, the things I could make would increase!!

「Since it came to this, I have no choice but to learn teleport magic…」

When I muttered such, Shin stiffened.

「That would be possible for you… I will pretend it was a joke, so stop it please. It can’t be helped, I will consult with Master…」

Shin dropped his shoulders in defeat.

「Really? Yay~! Thank you!」

Shin who was at his wits’ end sighed greatly seeing me jump up and down while shouting Yay, yay~! in delight.

While overjoyed, there was the teleport magic hand, huh… so I thought.


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