Shomin no Aji – Chapter 240

A winter morning.


Good morning.
I, who woke up at the usual time squirmed into easy-to-move-in clothes.

I have asked Miria to clear people out at this time before the breakfast, so I can do morning yoga without worries.

The fire in the fireplace has already gone off, so I set the fire to the twigs and bark by myself with Fire magic.
Although there is a tool with a flint-like magic stone, it’s faster to do it with Fire magic in my case, so I’m not using it.

Crackle, crackle… the firewood started burning, and I stared at the flickering flame rising.
In my past life, homes with fireplace were nice… I admired them, but actually using them was quite troublesome. The people preparing the firewood also have it difficult.

Although it’s already prepared for me for an easy use, woodcutters had to cut the trees before that, the leaves and branches had to be removed, cut to easy-to-transport length, the servants at the mansion then had to cut the logs into easy-to-use sizes and the maids had to carry it all the way here… it has to pass through many hands.

I felt grateful and said to myself that I won’t use the fireplace that often, but I was told that the nobility pays appropriate money for it, thus I would be obstructing the people whose lives depend on it from making a living.
I then said why not pay more for it, but the price of the firewood would apparently raise and the commoners wouldn’t be able to afford it.
Hmm, so difficult.

Right, commoners have it even more difficult. Preparing firewood for the winter is a matter of life or death.
I heard that if they can’t afford a lot of firewood cheaply, they would have to save all the little firewood they have for cooking, and will be then stuck living in a freezing home.

Come to think of it, Shin told me that when his parents were alive, they were all snuggled to each other under a single blanket in order to warm up…
Shin said「It was so cramped and Tousan was snoring too loud, it was horrible」while laughing, but it’s a secret I found it a little bit envious. No, I wasn’t envious of the snoring though.

In my case, the room as always warm, but we have never slept together as a family…
Nobles are like that, but I think that’s regrettable.

But, I’m frightened to think of Otousama’s reaction if I asked him about that now…

I’m currently blessed by the mofumofu paradise, so I will carefully withdraw that idea. Hoho.

I cast Clear magic on myself after the morning yoga, changed my clothes and went for breakfast.

It’s pancakes as was declared. You can properly choose from the apple jam, fresh cream, butter and also bacon and eggs.

「N? This is? A jam?」

Otousama noticed the unfamiliar apple jam. Hmm, how sharp.

「Yes. We made an apple jam」
「Hou? Apple jam is my first…」

Otousama gave it a try right away.

「It’s delicious even if you add fresh cream to it」

He garnished his pancake with the fresh cream and apple jam and brought it to his mouth.

「… N, this is… not too sweet and easy to eat. Moreover… what is it? This peculiar aroma…」
「It’s cinnamon. I put in powdered cinnamon」
「Cinnamon…? Isn’t that a medicine? Why add that?」

Knowing that medicine is inside, Otousama frowned a little.

「Cinnamon warms up the body. It’s perfect for this cold season, its peculiar flavor is also truly a taste for adults」
「… Uwa, truly. What a unique aroma. I don’t dislike it, but I would manage without it…」

Is Oniisama poor with cinnamon?
I believe it’s addictive good aroma once you get used to it, but…

Otousama and Okaasama liked it, so it seems that I can present a pie with cinnamon in it to Queen-sama without worries.

This afternoon, Otousama is going to the royal palace, while Okaasama was invited for a tea party. She was sure to tell me that we will be selecting shoes, accessories, ornaments and stuff this morning… I can’t escape.

Alright, why don’t I finish it in the afternoon?


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