Shomin no Aji – Chapter 244

We are naturally moving by...


I, Cristea, is currently being jolted in the carriage.
Yeah, of course, the nobles wouldn’t walk to the royal palace!

And, the royal palace is unexpectedly far…
I think the mansion of Duke Ellisfeed is closer to the royal palace compared to other nobles, but it’s still far.

I was naive for thinking that we would arrive soon after getting into the carriage.

I thought that the palace was big when we arrived at the Capital when I looked at it from a distance, but the palace walls are huge. Ultra huge. As we approached the royal palace, I felt more and more oppressed.

Why is a palace this big? Isn’t this as big as a hill!? It’s so huge it makes me think that.
When I stared from the window with my mouth open in awe, Okaasama lightly hit my chin with a folding fan.
That hurt, Okaasama…

Other than the private zone, there are apparently departments such as Ministry of Magic on site. Where we are going is a section of that private zone, located right in the center. The palace which I saw outside the walls was apparently that very thing. What to say…

Hmmm, I wonder if there are people who know every single nook and cranny of the royal palace… isn’t it possible that people with poor sense of direction may encounter a disaster? Are they periodically sending out search parties??

When I inquired from Okaasama after thinking that, she told me that there are warping circles in many places of the royal palace, so if you have to get somewhere you will just pour your magical power inside and use it as a shortcut to your destination. I, I see…

However, if the place is close to some extent, people apparently walk most of the time so they wouldn’t waste their magical power. Moreover, they seem to have a regular carriage service outside too…
J, just how big is this place…
Patrolling must be troublesome, huh…

Haha… letting out a dry laugh, I shifted my attention to the place of our destination we were advancing to.

Okaasama had a leisure expression as if used to it.
Okaasama’s personal maid was also apparently used to it.
Miria who was accompanying me as my personal maid was trembling with nervousness. Well, of course, she was. She has been living a country life with me and we suddenly have to go to the royal palace. But, Miria and others should be staying in the waiting room, so I told her that she can take it easy. When I told her so, 「No! Each of action of us, the maids, will be evaluated in the meanwhile and tied to our Master. We can’t lose our focus!」, Miria fired her self up.
No, it’s fine… my reputation is already like that after all, see? You know, Repulsive food eating lady.

「That’s irrelevant. You are a perfectly splendid maid as you are, Miria. Just be yourself, okay?」

When I told her cheerfully, Miria said「… Thank you very much」and laughed with confidence.

The carriage’s speed decreased and eventually stopped.

「We have arrived」

The driver informed us of the arrival.

Now then, it’s finally the time.
Let’s go! Towards the enemy(?) camp!


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