Shomin no Aji – Chapter 246

Queen-sama has appeared!


From distance, Queen-sama looked very petite and gave off a lovely impression.

Eh? That person is the queen?? Isn’t she too young?
She doesn’t seem like someone who had a child as old as Prince Ray though…??

The moment Queen-sama who was cheerfully talking with Helena about something discovered us in the gazebo, she shook off Helena’s hold and broke into a run. Ehhhhh…?

「An! Aaaaーーーn! It’s been a while! Were you well!?」

Queen-sama who ran over without caring about the hem of her dress jumped at Okaasama and embraced her.

「Long time no see, Liliana-sama. I’m glad you seem to be doing well」

In spite of Queen-sama who crashed into her with a THUD!, Okaasama firmly caught her without flinching, and calmly greeted her. Okaasama, so strong…!

「Stop it, geez! How many times did I tell you to call me Lily in private!」

Puu-! Okaasama exhaustedly stared at Queen-sama who sulked.

「I’m accompanied by my daughter today, so I didn’t think this was meant to be a private meeting?」

When she said that, Queen-sama who finally noticed my existence shifted her gaze onto me and jumped aside with her face turned red.

「Oh… oh dear. I finally met you after so long, so I just did it without thinking…」

Queen-sama smoothed her skirt as if trying to say, Tehe?

「Seriously… that’s why I was telling you to stay calm on the way here…」

Haa… Helena said and let out a sigh.

「… But… I was looking forward to today so much. Isn’t it fine, this is a private tea party between friends after all」

Queen-sama retorted sulkily.

… N? What did she say just now? Friends?

When I looked at Okaasama, she was looking a bit awkward.

「… The queen and I… Liliana and I were classmates at the academy」

Eh? Ehhh? Okaasama and Queen-sama were classmates? Of the same age!? … I don’t see it…
No, it’s not like Okaasama has aged. Rather, I believe her skin that recently became more beautiful makes her look younger. And yet… Queen-sama looks terrifyingly young.

「… There seems to be something you want to say?」
「… No, nothing like that…」

When I averted my gaze from Okaasama, Queen-sama’s face was right in front of mine.

「Ufufu, you are An’s daughter, Cristea? Nice to meet you. I’m Liliana. Call me Lily, okay?」

No, no, no, no. That’s impossible, right!?

Putting the matter of Okaasama and Queen-sama being classmates aside, there’s no way I can call her Lily-sama!!!

Ha! I was so taken aback I forgot to introduce myself!

「Ah… it’s an honor to meet you. I’m the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea is my name. Thank you very much Your Majesty for inviting me on this ocassion」

Pulling myself together, I introduced myself with the most beautiful curtsy I could pull off.

「… It’s Lily」

… Eh?

「I told you to call me Lily, didn’t I?」

Ehhhh? What to do, do I have to call her like that!?
I couldn’t help but be at loss in front of Queen-sama’s sulking.

「… Lily, don’t say the impossible. Take a look, you are troubling my daughter」

Okaasama took out the lifeboat.

「… To treat the daughter of my best friend An like a stranger, wouldn’t that be lonesome… even though I wanted a daughter too…」

Queen-sama said dejectedly.
Ehhh… what am I supposed to do about this?

「… Haa. It can’t be helped. Cristea, no need to hold back in private, go ahead and call her Lily」

Eeeeeh-!? To think I would receive Okaasama’s permission!?
What to do… when I glanced at Queen-sama, she was staring at me with eyes full of anticipation. Uuu…

「Yes, Lily-sama…?」

Paaa…! A smile floated on Queen-sama’s face.

「No need for -sama! Call me Lily!?」

No, no, don’t be unreasonable please…


Okaasama stared at Queen-sama with a smile. Your smile is scary, Okaasama…

「Ugh… all right…」

There, there, Okaasama patted the head of the dispirited Queen-sama.

Okaasama… please tell me about these things before coming hereeeee!


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