Shomin no Aji – Chapter 25

Arrangements are important.


An elaborate meeting regarding my trip to the market was held and the permission was given after deploying more guards than the last time.

How exaggerated for a simple shopping… is what I thought, children with good appearances are likely to get kidnapped, so I’m apparently a suitable prey.
Indeed~ I see~ it can’t be helped then, yes, yes. (in monotone)
Leaving the jokes aside, being kidnapped by a slave trader wouldn’t be a joke, so I decided to properly accept the guards.

Of course, if it comes to it, I can do something about it with my magic though.
I can now use most of the Wind, Fire, Water, Earth offensive magic without chanting. If it’s just the vigor for magic then leave it to Cristea-chan☆ I have no delicacy though!

… Listen here, I was drilled by teacher Marlen, so I’m able to activate several chantless spells simultaneously, I practiced really a lot…
Activating magic with a chant takes too much time, and above else, chanting is cough embarrassing cough…! Why such stinky lines… thanks to that, I wasn’t able to concentrate and activate magic at first… (distant look) imagination is important, the moment I understood, I was grateful for being a nerd with a high wild delusions power… no, no, I was glad my imagination is rich!

… Ahem. Leaving magic aside. Let’s talk about Miria and Shin now. Of course, many guards will be appearing out of sight… thank you for your continued patronage… but, it seems that my prudence has been left behind somewhere, so don’t expect too much from me please, okay?

Thus, right now, the night before the shopping, I’m so happy I quite can’t fall asleep. Are you a child before an excursion or something! It’s on that level. Well, I’m a child? And it’s similar to an excursion! It’s the so-called society inspection! I’m so excited!

On the other hand, the arrangements for the proper shopping are perfect. By the recipe of the rich, my budget is abundant, fufufu…
Paying with gold coins seemed like something troublesome could happen, so I divided it into several small changes of copper and silver coins and stored it in the Inventory! Ahem. There won’t be a problem if I pretend to take it out of the pochette, right? If unknown people see it, it will look like a mysterious pochette that spits large amounts of money, but… let’s not mind it. Un.

I have caused many troubles to Miria when I collapsed the last time, so I have to make sure not to make her worry this time. When I spoke about it to her in the afternoon, she told me it would be best if I didn’t make her worry in the daily basis… ah~ ah~ I can’t hear you!

Shin also cautioned me until my ears hurt. Those two are prone to worrying…

Rather than that, they were stunned when I showed them the list of things I want to buy tomorrow.
I was asked「Who is going to carry that much…」so when I replied「I will stealthily store it in the Inventory in a back alley…」Shin told me「Why do you think you have guards! Are you so stupid to enter a dangerous back alley on your own!?」. You are quite right there.

However, not buying it is not a choice! When I claimed such, it was arranged that the baggage will be handed over to guards who will put it in a carriage if the baggage exceeds a certain extent. Everyone from the guards, I’m repeatedly sorry…

The arrangements are perfect!
I’m looking forward to tomorrow~!


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