Shomin no Aji – Chapter 250

I was careless!


「Say? How is my son? When he stayed over in summer: “I wouldn’t mind him being my fiancé?” … Have you not thought that?」
「T, that’s…」

Don’t be unreasonable, Lily-sama.

I wasn’t trying to be arrogant by not thinking「I wouldn’t mind being engaged to this person」about His Highness who came (intruded) to our fief for an inspection, while staying (playing) with Oniisama by saying something like, but… though it’s a very Villainess like remark…

Besides? What do I think of him?
With my current age (9 years old) plus my past life’s age (cough, cough), I’m older than both Okaasama and Lily-sama, you know?? … Uwa, now that I think about it again, how terrifying is this…!

… Truly. Although he’s older than me in the current world, to think that such adult me might get engaged or even married to a child… nai wa~ seriously nai wa~…

Such thinking is dangerous in this world that considers girls above fifteen years of age women who missed their chance of getting married, but I have six more years until I’m considered adult at the very least, right? There’s still a lot of time.
My thoughts may change to some extent after growing up a little more, but now? Not going to happen, not possible!

Until then, Prince Ray may find a girl he likes too…
Umu, let’s decline without offending.

「… I have stabilized my magical power at last, and I’m finally safe to appear in public… I would like to meet many people at the academy and study various subjects. I’m too inexperienced at the moment, so I have not thought about it yet」

Alright, how about this.

「Cristea? You are aware that with your standing, it wouldn’t be strange if your partner got chosen without considering your willingness, right?」

Y, you are quite right. Hii! Okaasama’s voice is too low… so scary!

「An! Isn’t that just fine, I don’t want to force our children. I’m sorry, okay? I just got carried away by mistake…」

Lily-sama followed up in a hurry. What a good person~!

「Lily? Apologizing so simply is not something you, the queen, should do」

Okaasama rebuked Lily-sama’s apology.

「No. I might be the queen, but I’m also myself. I’m your best friend, Liliana. Even though I might be the queen, I don’t want to become a foolish person that does not apolgize」
「Lily… seriously, people like you…」

Okaasama could only wryly smile at Lily-sama who clearly conveyed her thoughts.
Yeah…? Isn’t the talk progressing in a good way?

「Oh well. There’s still a plenty of time… making acquaintances in the academy is essential indeed」
「Right, right! Besides, the two of them have just met, all is from now on, see?」

Haa… Lily-sama smiled at Okaasama who let out a sigh… it questionably didn’t end yet-!

From now on? There’s something like from now on?
Am I going to be asked something like this in the future again?

No way-!


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