Shomin no Aji – Chapter 254

Playing in the snow is fun~!


「Hmm… if lots pile up everyone will be troubled. Of course, me too」
『… If Cristea troubled, will stop. Regrets』

Mashiro hung his head dejectedly.

… Mashiro-san?
What do you mean by stopping?
Was it perhaps you who made that snow come down, Mashiro?? And you can freely control the amount of the snow! … It’s not something like that, right?
… I’m afraid to ask.

「… If lots piled up in a spacious place like the garden, then I would be delighted, I think?」
『Really? If lots piled up in the garden, you would be happy?』
「Yes, I would like to make a snowman or snow rabbits with Mashiro and others」
『?? Snow… man? I don’t know what’s that, but you will make snow rabbits? Cook them? Shall I fetch some?』

N? Cooking? Fetch?

『Mashiro is asking if he should hunt some snow rabbits to cook. If that’s the case, then I don’t mind going to get a few…』

Ah, there are Snow Rabbits, huh?
Hunt, they say… ah, I have eaten a wild rabbit before… I see, these Snow Rabbits can be eaten too, huh.

『Cristea, will eat Snow Rabbit?』
「Hmm, another time. What I’m talking about is playing by making the snow in the form of snow rabbits」
『Whaat, that so?』
「That’s right. Let’s play if the snow gets piled up」
『Un! In the spacious garden was it?』
「That’s right. In the spacious garden」

… After the breakfast, unlike the local snow that was meager, a heavy snow fell into our garden and we ended up making not only snowmen and snow rabbits, but also snow huts and sculptures.

… This is definitely Mashiro’s doing…
When I asked「I just asked the snow spirit」is what he told me… H, hee… Mashiro-kun is able to talk with Spirit-san, I see…

Yeah. Let’s pretend I didn’t ask.

While avoiding the inquiring gazes of Otousama and Okaasama, I decided to play in the snow… taking a refuge in the garden, you could say.


「Cristea, what is this?」
「Eh? This? … you ask? This was supposed to be Mashiro…?」

Eh, what? Why did you receive a shock? Hey, Mashiro?

「… Lord. I will ask just in case, but is this…?」

The snow sculpture Kurogane pointed at is…

「Of course it’s you, Kurogane」
「… I see, this is me, huh…」

Huh? Even though he’s in the human form, why do I feel like his tail is just hanging in dejection…

It’s my first time making snow sculptures so it can’t be helped that they resemble you only a little, you know? Right?

Besides look, the snow rabbit Kurogane and Mashiro made together is also oversized, clumsy and not cute at all, you know?? I don’t think you should be talking about people’s sculpting abilities??

「Ah, a snow rabbit」

When I looked where Mashiro pointed at, a pure white Snow Rabbit was… b, big…!? Moreover… it resembles the sculpture well!?

Kurogane broke into a run and immediately brought the Snow Rabbit down.

「It’s quite a small one」

… I think of making a Snow Rabbit stew.


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