Shomin no Aji – Chapter 255

Amusement after playing in the snow.


「Haa… I got absorbed in playing and tired myself out」

How many years was it since I got immersed in playing in the snow like this… no, how many tens of years… cough, cough!
When I was a child in my past life, we have lived in a region where it snowed only a little, so I mostly wasn’t able to play in the snow like this.
The snowman too, I have never made a snowman that beautifully pure white…
The snow sculptures aside, I was satisfied with how my snowman turned out. Yeah.

On the occasion, I decided to take a break and eat snacks in the snow hut.


「Cristea? You will catch a cold if you don’t go inside and warm yourself up soon… what are you doing?」
「Oh my, would you like some too, Oniisama?」

I was sitting on a mat I placed on the protrusion in the wall I made. A brazier was placed in the middle of the snow hut, so it was quite comfortable inside.
And, a pot on a four-legged stand was placed on top of the brazier.

「Would I want some… what is that…?」

Oniisama dubiously peeked into the pot.

「I will warm you up? Here you go?」

I handed “that” in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon to Oniisama.

「What is this…? A bean soup? What a dreadful color… n? I smell something sweet…」

He was hesitating whether it can be eaten, but curious about the sweet scent, he scooped a little on the wooden spoon and carried it to his mouth.

「…! It’s delicious. The taste of beans and sweetness is exquisite… yeah. Moreover, the texture of these white, springy and round things is amusing」
「I’m glad it suits your tastes, Oniisama」

The snack we were eating was, yeah, it was Zenzai.
I made it stealthily in the fief and put it in my Inventory while piping hot, but it’s currently on the brazier to retain warmth.

The「white springy and round things」Oniisama spoke of are rice flour dumplings. I used the Mochi powder I made from the sticky rice. I didn’t have enough time and material for refined rice flour from the sticky rice, so I gave up that thought.

I wanted to use Omochi for the Zenzai, but Omochi is left for the New Year’s.

Now then, I will have some too.
First, a mouthful… yeah. The unique taste and softness of the boiled adzuki beans gently spread in the mouth and through the throat, along with the warmth.

Fuwaa… delicious… it warms up…
After eating more mouthfuls, I could gradually feel the warmth spreading in my stomach…

Next, the dumpling.
I chomped a dumpling of a mouthful size
Ahh… this is it, this is it, this elasticity! It’s springy, but not as springy as Omochi so it’s easy to eat… as I thought, eating this together with Uji-Kintoki in the summer would be the best…
While thinking about that, I cleaned my entire bowl.

「Haa… that was delicious」

Why do I feel happy from eating something this soft and warm in this cold?

「Un. Was delish~!」
「Umu. To think bean juice would be this sweet」
「That so. Appearances aside, I haven’t eaten a soup this sweet and delicious before」

… I see. I made it with sweets in mind, but everyone who doesn’t know Zenzai would think it’s a sweet bean soup, huh…

「Would you like another helping?」

Oh well. Whether it is sweets or soup, everyone feels happy from eating something delicious and that’s the most important thing.

「Yes, yes, here, eat up」

Sharing the happiness time of chewing with everyone, I also got myself another helping.


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