Shomin no Aji – Chapter 258

The rumored ◯◯◯ lady.


「For Norman-sama to have an escort… 」
「Norman-sama has not escorted anyone up until now, so why…?」
「Just who is that girl by Norman-sama’s side…!?」

I’m the little sister, is there a problem?

「What is that? What a poor-looking dress. Isn’t she embarrassed staying by Norman-sama’s side dressed like that?」
「Truly. Normally, you would feel so ashamed to decline the escort, right?」

… Poor-looking is going too far.
You can’t even tell what your body figure looks like with all those laces on frills on your dress! Gununu…

Whisper, whisper, whisper…

… Oou. Oniisama, you are quite popular, aren’t you!?
I have been ganged up on by the young ladies who gave all of their hearts to Oniisama… hii!

「… Tch. I will thoroughly investigate later…」

… Eh? Oniisama smacked his lips? Eh? Thoroughly investigate what??

… I must have misheard.

「… Hey, wait a moment? Perhaps… there were rumors of Norman-sama’s little sister enrolling to the academy this year, right?」
「Eh? … Then, you mean…? The one getting escorted is… his little sister, Cristea-sama?」
「That must be it! Unless that was the case, Norman-sama wouldn’t be escorting anyone!」
「My… that person is…?」

Hoh.. I’m glad. It seems the misunderstanding was resolved. That’s right! I’m the little sister, Cristea!
I will ask you not to misunderstand, alright!

「… So that means, that person is Prince Raymond’s fiancée candidate…?」
「There were rumors of her being the candidate in the past, weren’t there?」

W, wwwwroooong!
That is a tremendous misunderstanding!
Do I have to resolve that misunderstanding as well…! This is serious…!

「… However, isn’t she quite different from the rumors?」


「Yes. Isn’t that right? She was supposed to have such bad eating habits she grew round so much she couldn’t appear in front of people…」


「My, that information is already old. It seems she lost weight all at once after overeating on something strange, you see?」


「Ahh, so that’s why she is so slender」

What the hell-!?
This physique is the result of the corset and doing morning yoga every day!
Whawhawha… what a thing!
Haven’t the disgraceful rumors spread this much-!

Clearing my name will be obstinately difficult…!
Anyhow, in order to create a better image of myself, I can’t be unsociable. Even if I already heard the disgraceful rumors, I have to smile here…
Do your best! My mimetic muscles!

Smile cheerfully and charmingly.
When I smiled at the young ladies who were looking at me in displeasure, they left like a wave one after another after turning bright and falling in silence.

… Huh?


「Hey! What was that? Wasn’t there a believable rumor that she stayed locked up because of her poor appearances!?」
「There are so many rumors I don’t already know what’s real and what is not…」
「Geez! There’s nothing shabby about her! All that’s left is the dress…」
「No. The laces on the dress were quite the thing. I have pleaded with Okaasama to make mine of the same material, but she got angry at me that it would be wasted on a child like me…」
「Ku… you are saying that while she showed modesty, the people in the know understood the true value…?」
「As expected of a daughter from a Ducal house… it’s not something you can do without having self-confidence…」
「… She’s admirable for a rival. Just watch. I won’t lose to you. I will be me who gets chosen by Prince Raymond!」
「That’s right! I will root for you!」
「Yes! I will do my best!」

Without her knowing, Cristea was recognized as a rival by a certain young lady for the spot of Prince Raymond’s fiancée candidate.


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