Shomin no Aji – Chapter 26

I'm a child, but I shop like an adult.


Yes! It’s the shopping day!
The weather is nice for shopping too!

Just like last time, I’m wearing a dress of a merchant’s daughter and I’m ready to go out!
I have proposed to attach an iron plate to my cutely knitted boots or insert a small hidden knife into the heel and other various things just in case, but everything was refused, you know? I wonder why? I have magic so it’s no problem though, you see?
Even though the dwarf Galvano Ojisama said it was interesting~ How unfortunate!
(Ojisama said he would bring a contract regarding the application of such mechanism in the boots of the Knights Order later. Huh? Did we become a bit richer again…?)

A carriage with the crest of the Ducal House would stand out, so an extremely normal carriage has been prepared, and we departed!

… Un, I have completely forgotten because of the shock I have received previously, but carriage rides are very uncomfortable, aren’t they… the suspension? was it? there’s nothing like that, so the impacts are… direct… ugh… my butt is… once we arrive, I think I will buy a lot of cushions… let’s do that… owowow…


Well then, we have arrived at the market!
Uwaaaaa… this! This atmosphere! It’s this atmosphere! It’s similar to the energy of the low-lying part of the city from my past life, it’s exciting! Ahh, how nostalgic…!
Now, I can’t be slacking, let’s go searching for the marked goods~!

「… Is this place… a paradise…!」

A lot of spices, heaps of herbs… piles of delicious food too!
This is just like a food treasury~!

The head chef of our House has been recently trying his best in various ways, but I have a feeling that he hasn’t managed to master spices and herbs yet. There are many spices and herbs that can’t be found at my home.

I purchase every kind while confirming their tastes.
With this many, it might be even possible to challenge the alluring curry. About the curry spice… I’m not sure whether I will be able to mix it, but… I should be able to grasp the fundamental spices. Probably. I will do my best.
I purchased many herbs as well. Bouquet garni, herb salt, I will consult with the head chef and variously test it out.
Miria’s and Shin’s stunned expressions were noticeable as soon as my shopping spree came to a halt.
… Isn’t that fine? With this, our House’s eating habits will improve even further!
Eating delicious things, I will be happy, everyone will be happy, it’s a Win-Win, okay!

Ah, Shin-san, if we run out, can I ask you to run the errands then?

… However, how weird… where are the Eastern Island country’s goods??

「Hey Shin, the Eastern Island country… where are the goods from Yahatul sold?」

It’s best to ask Shin who lived in these parts of the city.

「I think they would hardly appear at the market, you know? Their work of art is evaluated highly, but there are many who are ignorant of the ingredients they use, so it’s handled by specialized stores… hmm, which company was it again…」
「Please somehow remember that!!」

It’s today’s highlight after all!!


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