Shomin no Aji – Chapter 261

... Why did it turn out like this?


I was taken to a place in a child carry by the good-looking man and for some reason am eating a meal… incomprehensible.

He, who was unexpectedly possessor of Inventory took out fresh dishes one after another,「Tadah, eat up. I won’t let a brat return with empty stomach」and urged me to eat.

After my belly complained of hunger, I couldn’t help but not restrain myself…

「… It’s delicious」

It’s not cooking of the royal palace as they were meat skewers and dumplings that probably came from a street stall… it was seasoned lightly, but easy to eat and tasty.

Gunuu… to think I would be able to taste the delicious Capital food at a time like this…!
Even though I want to know where he got it, I can’t ask! Ugugu…

「Right? Here, eat up more. Children don’t need to hold back, ya know?」

The other dishes he took out look delicious as well. Since it’s like this, I won’t hold back.

「You eat well, don’t you… Lily also eats well, so I don’t hate fellows like that」

Ah, is that so? … Wha, Lily… Lily-sama? Eh? To call Her Majesty without honorifics… just who is this person?

「Oh! I remembered thanks to Lily! That fellow received some tasty pastry some time ago and split with me, you can have that too」

While I was bewildered, the good-looking man who was going at his own pace took out another thing from his Inventory.

It was an apple pie.

「Eh? This is…!」

Why is that here?
The one I gave Lily-sama… seriously, just who is this person!?

「N? You know this?」

Of course I know…

「She was boasting that this was made by a certain young lady from a Ducal house… perhaps?」

… Crap, I shouldn’t have reacted.
There’s no way I can’t give my name with this flow.

「… I’m sorry for the late introductions, I’m the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea. I apologize for my impoliteness」
「… As I thought. I see, you are that fellow’s daughter, huh. No wonder it’s your first time at the interaction party」
「Yes, well… umm… you know my Father?」

He won’t say that he’s His Majesty, right?
He seems to young to be of the same age as Otousama… but, Lily-sama looks really young too… I should have checked a portrait beforehand…

「Yeah. I know him since he was a brat. He was a cheeky fellow since the olden days」
「Is that so? I did not realize, I’m sorry」
「What, that fellow did not tell you about me?」
「No, umm…」

Eh, is he really His Majesty…?
If that were the case, didn’t I do something disrespectful!?

「What a hopeless fellow. You see, I am…」
「Leo! I need your help… wha, Miss Cristea!?」
「Your Highness Raymond!?」

Prince Ray rushed into the room while panting.
Why is Prince Ray here?

「Leo! It was you who has taken Miss Cristea away? Norman and I were searching for her because she suddenly disappeared!」

Eh? Leo? This person? Since he’s calling him like that then he’s not His Majesty? I’m glad… he’s not. Then, just who is this person?

「It’s not my fault. She got lost so I was protecting her」

Eh? Wait a moment! It was you who has taken me captive in here, right!?
… Is what I wanted to say, but looking at the mountain of food in front of me, it would be difficult for me to say that I did not feel welcomed… gunuu.

「… Miss Cristea, is that the truth?」
「… Yes, this person happened to pass by just when I got lost…」
「Happened to pass by?」
「Yeah. I felt a presence of a delicious magical power. I got reeled in…」

… N? The presence of a delicious magical power? … Wha, surely not.

The good-looking man called Leo said laughingly.

「I’m also late at introducing myself. I’m Leon. A Sacred Beast that supervises and protects this country」

… It was exactly that ‘surely not.’


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