Shomin no Aji – Chapter 264

Let's greet His Majesty!


It seems that His Majesty’s speech ended while I was deep in thoughts.

Unlike swarming Prince Ray when greeting him, we will be apparently greeting His Majesty individually according to the social status…

「Now then, Cristea. We have to greet His Majesty」

Urging me such, Oniisama escorted me towards His Majesty.

I thought so~! We are of the Ducal house after all.
We seem to be the top batters… I have not prepared my heart yet! Hii!

「Your I’m truly happy that you have you have entered the New Year safely. Congratulations. I pray that blessings are upon you on this celebration day」

Matching Oniisama, I curtsied His Majesty.

「Umu. May the blessings be upon you」

… I’m being stared at, I’m being stared at! He’s giving me a hard look-!

「… Your Majesty, I’m truly sorry for the late introductions. This is my daughter, Cristea」

Otousama introduced me to His Majesty.
… Ahhh… his glabella has wrinkled even more…!

「It’s an honor to meet you for the first time. I am Cristea」

I performed a whole body curtsy.

「Fumu. I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. I am glad to see you have grown in a good health」
「Thank you very much」

In comparison to His Majesty who was looking at me cheerfully, Otousama’s expression gradually turned unpleasant… Just what is happening here…?

「You seem to have kept Lily company a few days ago. You should come to play again while I am there as well」
「That’s right. Come again」

The couple said smilingly…

No, no… if possible, I would like to decline…!
The Sacred Beast Leon-sama wants to meet me again too… ugh, I want to quickly get home and consult with Kurogane and others.

「Your Majesty. My daughter is still a minor and clumsy…」

Otousama is trying to politely decline.
Otousama, nice assist!

「… In that case, she should come with Lady Anrietta again. It should be fine when accompanied by a guardian」

Ugh, Okaasama, is it…
Lily-sama wouldn’t force me, but she would be happy if Okaasama was with me… if that’s the case, Okaasama will bring me even if she has to tie me up with a rope…
His Mjaesty is familiar with the capture methods since they are old acquaintances…

「… Since it’s about a guardian, then you don’t mind if I take on that role, right?」

Eh? Otousama? Otousama accompanying me for a tea party…

「… You have a work, don’t you?」
「… I would like to take it easy as well when His Majesty is having a day off?」

Gogogogogo… His Majesty and Otousama glared at each other with smiles in the somewhat competing atmosphere. What is this? This atmosphere…!

「Umm, Your Majesty? Others are waiting for their turns, so we will excuse ourselves?」

Oniisama said with a chilling smile.

「A… ah, right. I must not let everyone wait」

Coming to their senses, the two cleared their throats and sent us off with smiles.

… Oniisama is so strong.

「Oniisama, thank you very much. I didn’t know what to do」
「Seriously, those two are so troublesome. They are in a disagreement because Otousama doesn’t want to let His Majesty see you」

Oniisama said with a wry smile.

「Eh? Is that so?」
「Yeah. Father was boasting the other day when you had a tea party with Lily-sama that he caught His Majesty who sneaked away from the government affairs in order to meet with you」

… What are the good adults doing?
However, for Otousama to be having such battle behind the scenes…
Just how much he doesn’t want me to meet with His Majesty…

… Let’s anticipate Otousama doing his best in the future too.


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