Shomin no Aji – Chapter 265

Avoiding solitude with all of my might!


After greeting His Majesty, the gathering ended safely(?) without anything special happening.

Right, it has ended…

… Crap.
I haven’t talked with girls of the same age at all…! What a thing to happen…!

… At this rate, the possibility of being a loner after entering the academy is high…!
I failed my first impressions, got lost in the middle… I was scolded by Oniisama with people watching… everyone then greeted His Majesty and that was pretty much it… haa.

Leaving the hall, Oniisama was forcefully escorting me towards the entrance where the carriage waited.

All that remains for everyone is to rejoin with their parents and return home…
… I have no choice but to give up and return, huh.

「Cristea, it seems that Father will stay behind, so we will be returning home with Mother」
「Oh my… Otousama is busy even on the New Year’s, I see」
「Hmm… isn’t that to talk with His Majesty about the matter from before?」

A matter from before?
Ahh… about Otousama accompanying me?
… Rather than accompanying me, I would prefer if he declined…
Ah! Which reminds me, I have not consulted about Sacred Beast Leon-sama yet.

「Umm! Cristea-sama?」

… N? Did someone call me?
No, surely not.
… I mean, I didn’t get to know anyone… I’m not crying, alright!

「… Ummm? Cristea-sama…?」

… Huh? It wasn’t my imagination?
The voice from behind was definitely calling Cristea. There shouldn’t be a child of the same name as far as I know.
However, just who…?

When I turned around without knowing what was happening, a lovely girl was standing there.
She had bright green eyes and fluffy, wavy and soft-looking brown hair. I immediately associated her with a squirrel kitten.

Was it this girl calling me?

「Do you need something?」

I made an extra effort to ask gently and softly… so I wouldn’t scare her, with a cheerful smile.

「Errm… you have dropped this」

What she held out was a ribbon I was wearing in my hair today.

「Oh, it’s true. When did it become loose and dropped, I wonder?」

Oniisama confirmed that I was missing a ribbon in the back on my hair.

「My… thank you very much for picking it up for me」

I smiled and received the ribbon.

… Wait a moment?
Isn’t this a chance?
Isn’t this a chance to make a girl friend!?

I instantly grasped her hand that was presenting the ribbon tightly.

「!? … Umm?」
「Thank you very much. I would like to invite you to our house in order to thank you for this favor by all means…」
「Ehh!? It’s fine, I have only picked up your ribbon after all…」

Squirrel Kitten-chan (temporary) refused in surprise.
… I won’t let you escape, you know!?

「I want to thank your good will. I will prepare delicious tea and sweets, so please to our house by all means?」
「Sweets…? Cristea-sama’s?」

… Ah, not good. She won’t say something like “I’m scared to eat sweets prepared by the Repulsive food eating lady!” or something, right?

… I would cry.

「… Cristea-sama’s… sweets…」

When I looked at the muttering her… nn?
A faint drool escaped her mouth…?
Was it just my imagination?

「Umm…? Will you come?」
「… Ha! U, umm, yes! If you are fine with me!」

Oh? It’s going well! I’m glad! Did she think I won’t present something weird since we were talking about sweets?

「I’m glad. Then, I will send you a written invitation at a later date… err, excuse me but may I inquire about your name?」

Tomorrow… no, haste makes waste… but, I will get to know her closer in a few days!

「Ahh!? Excuse my impoliteness…! Umm… errr… I am the daughter of Baron Mayor, Mariel…」

She said the last part in a low voice that nearly vanished altogether.

Alright! Baron Mayor’s Mariel-chan it is! Her cute name really suits her, yeah! I remembered it!

「Mariel-sama, then? I will have a written invitation delivered to you, so please come by all means, all right?」
「Umm. I… I am of the Baron house, I’m truly sorry for not knowing my place. Someone like me shouldn’t be receiving an invitation from Cristea-sama…」

Ah, I see.
She was hesitating because of her social status.
… However, as if I’d let you get away here!

「I have been staying in the fief up until now, right? I was lonely because I had no friends of similar age. I would like to become friends with you, but… would you dislike that?」

When I showed dejection, Squirrel Kitten-chan (temporary) now Mariel-chan denied in panic.

「No! Definitely not!? Something like not liking…! Umm… if you are all right with someone like me…!」

A tea party with a (future) friend!
I will do my best~!


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