Shomin no Aji – Chapter 266

I'm exci, excited!


Finally, finally… I might be able to make a girl friend!

When I thought I made a girl friend before, they turned out to be boys in the end… since that happened two times already (even though one of them wasn’t a human…), this time! Third time’s the charm! I hope.

Sei would definitely argue that「It was a disguise, not a hobby!」though…

At any rate, I entered the carriage in a buoyant mood while thinking about the written invitation and what tea and sweets to prepare.

「… You seem to be having fun」
「Eh? Yes! I mean, I made a first girl friend!」

I replied joyfully to Oniisama who saw me in such high spirits.

「…? Don’t you have a girl friend you are close with in the Baste Company back in the fief?」
「Eh? … Ah! Ahh… umm, I meant a friend from the nobility! After all, having a friend already when entering the academy will be different!」
「Ahh… that’s true. It’s reassuring to have a friend in an unknown place right from the beginning」

Oniisama smiled.

… T, that was close… it’s supposed to be a secret from my family that Sei is a cross-dresser… I mean, a boy…

I was too joyful, yeah. I’m reflecting.

「Cristea, you have made a friend?」

Okaasama who was listening to our exchange in silence asked.

「Yes! … Ah, no. You could say that we are still less than friends…」
「What do you mean?」

I explained to Okaasama that I have invited her for a tea as thanks for picking up my ribbon.

「My… is that so? That was nice of her. Make sure to thank her properly」
「What is that child’s name?」
「She’s Mariel from Baron Mayor’s house」
「Baron Mayor… ah, one of the emerging nobles. I believe they run a large business company」
「Is that so?」

A girl from a large company, huh… then, she must be sensitive to trends. I shouldn’t present anything untactful, so I have to think about it well, right?

「That’s nice… in my student days, when I was still engaged to the Crown Prince… ah, the present King, a ribbon tied around a dead rat would be sent to me if I were to drop one…」

Eh! What’s that!? Scary! Scaryyy!
Okaasama!? That’s… not a line you should say while gazing out of the carriage’s window in boredom!?

「But, that person always helped me, so it wasn’t that difficult…」

That person…? Ah, Otousama!
Okaasama said while averting her gaze from us, is she perhaps bashful?
It appears that Okaasama has loved her childhood friend Otousama all the time since she was a child, huh?

「Cristea, you don’t need to worry, alright? I will properly protect you after all」
「Oniisama… thank you very much. That’s very reassuring」

Oniisama, you really are kind and reliable! … But, your little sister is a bit worried about your siscon tendencies, you know…?

Besides, in my case, Mashiro and Kurogane wouldn’t be able to sit still were something happen to me…
Rather, it might be difficult calming them down…

Haha… The carriage in which Cristea let out a dry laugh slowly passed through the mansion’s gates.


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