Shomin no Aji – Chapter 268

A useless battle has to be avoided!


Hmm… at this rate, Kurogane will end up fighting with Leon-sama… that’s bad!

「Ah, you see? Leon-sama is a Sacred Beast that protects the royal family of this country, you know? Therefore, he won’t be trying to mess with me, you know?」
「However, in fact…」
「I believe he deliberately let his presence on me to keep you in check through me, Kurogane」
「In check…?」

Why would he do that? Such expression floated on Kurogane’s face.

「Right. I’m sure it was to remind you that promise from the past」

He won’t get aggravated if we keep the promise. I’m sure that is why he said that he will keep silent about various stuff at that time.

「… The current me is different from me of then. I have gotten a contracted Lord and someone to protect. I won’t thoughtlessly act violently knowing that it would trouble Lord… it’s a different thing if he tries something against Lord though」
「That’s right. But, Leon-sama doesn’t know about the change in the state of your mind, Kurogane. He wasn’t aware that you, who might be a threat to the country was in the Capital. Moreover, he felt your presence on me who is able to approach the royalty closely. There’s no way he wouldn’t be on guard, right? It’s also my fault since I didn’t report about you though…」
「Therefore, we mustn’t start anything. If we start something at any point of time, I will be regarded as a traitor to the royal family and eliminated」
「Ridiculous. This is a problem of us, the Sacred Beasts. It has nothing to do with you, Lord! Not even his former Lord!」

Kurogane let out unaccepting voice.

「I’m not unrelated. That’s what having a contract entails. Your actions are my responsibility, the contractor’s responsibility」
「What we have to do now, is to let Leon-sama properly understand that we pose no threat to the royal family. That’s why you mustn’t fight」
「… If Lord says so」
「Mashiro too, okay?」
「… Got it」

The two reluctantly agreed.

「Thank you… that being the case, how do we convey that to Leon-sama though…」
「Won’t it be fine to keep low like we are?」

Kurogane said with a sulky face.

「Won’t it be fine if Cristea doesn’t meet that guy?」
「Umu. There’s no need to see him」

It looks like Mashiro and Kurogane don’t want me to meet Leon-sama no matter what…

「There’s no way I can’t see him again. How would we convey to him that we are not enemies like that?」
「If we don’t make it clear, we will only invite unnecessary doubts」

Besides, the food I received from Leon-sama mostly didn’t seem like a royal cooking.
That person is probably… no, definitely loitering around the town.

He was full of willingness to wander around the town when I was at the palace too, so he will surely bump into him somewhere.
At that time, I have to make sure that the coincidental meeting won’t turn into a fight. I can’t allow ourselves to remain in such critical state.

「… I got it. However, I want you to minimize seeing him. Our minds can’t settle knowing that Lord is seeing other Sacred Beasts」
「Yeah. We are worried, so… please」
「Yes, I understand」

Hmm… however, a way to meet with Leon-sama directly… what should I do? I have no choice but to go to the royal palace, right…?


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