Shomin no Aji – Chapter 270

Making a breakfast after a while.


I, who have woken up earlier than usual, hurriedly went to the kitchen after morning yoga.

It’s a strategy to butter up to Otousama before consulting with him.
He hasn’t eaten Japanese cuisine since coming here, so he should be craving it by around now…

I slow~ly peeked into the kitchen from the entrance.
They have not started working yet, but the chefs have gathered around Head Chef and are holding a meeting. Are they reviewing the 1st day of the month menu?

While hesitating over when I could greet them, Head Chef noticed me and flew over.

「Good morning! Cristea-sama! Isn’t it still too early to be awake?」
「Y… yeah. I felt like eating rice this morning, so…」

I apologetically said to Head Chef.

「Rice, is it? … It will take some time to make, but…」

Yeah, of course. I understand that I have to let them know a day before if I want to eat rice.

「Ah, it’s fine. I thought of making rice porridge this morning」
「Rice porridge… is it? Is your body not feeling well…?」
「No? That’s not it. Could you tell Shin to prepare rice in the earthenware pot for me?」

Even in this world, porridge is eaten by people who are not feeling well because it’s easily digestible, so Head Chef found it strange that I wanted to eat porridge even though I’m not feeling ill.

「I will make only a portion for the family, so you can do as planned for the rest」
「I understand… may I watch from the side?」
「Sure, but… it’s nothing that great, you know?」
「I don’t mind! Please, let me watch for the future reference by all means!」

… I’m telling you there’s no need for such trouble… oh well.

I measured the rice prepared by Shin and washed it. Midwinter water is cold, but it’s for the sake of delicious breakfast.

I nimbly polished the rice, placed it into the earthenware pot with five times the water, and boiled at high heat. Mix it after boiling, and gently simmer on low flame without a lid.
During that, mix for approximately thirty seconds once in a while so the rice doesn’t stick to the pot.

In the meanwhile, I prepared miso soup, Japanese omelet, and the treasured Umeboshi.
Ah, I should use the Sharken salted pieces I have been preserving in my Inventory too.

「… Cristea-sama is really skilled. You have no wasteful movements」
「You think so? It’s an honor being praised by Head Chef」
「Thank you for your humility」

Oh well. This is something I have done routinely in my past life, so it’s only given…

When I started living alone, I can eat delicious food every day! is what I delightfully thought, but I usually ate only generic foods in the end.

Since that was the case, I might as well cook according to my preferences.

The roots of my taste come from mother and my grandmother.
Especially the masterpiece that was grandmother’s pickles.

When I was little, they were light brown overall and I didn’t find them cute at all…
That’s what I thought, but I looked at the colors with a wry smile when I grew up.

I’m doing the same after crossing worlds, so it’s quite amusing, isn’t it…

While deeply thinking such, I finished the preparations for the breakfast.

Now then, Otousama’s bribe… no, tribute… no err, what I wanted to say was, I did my best so he would receive it happily!

It would be nice if his scolding got lighter with this… I went to take a seat while praying.


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