Shomin no Aji – Chapter 272

The greatest misfortune!


With the breakfast over, Otousama who had two days off after the New Year’s have been enjoying an after a meal tea with us.
… Thanks to that, I couldn’t grasp a proper timing, so I have been watching Otousama’s movements while patting Kaguya on my lap.

… Otousama will surely go to the office after this, so should I go after him a little bit later?
Ha~… how do I start the conversation?

「Eh? What? Kaguya, what’s the mater?」

Kaguya whose fur suddenly stood up jumped off my lap and hid under the sofa.

「Whoa!? What’s going on, Mashiro, Kurogane?」

Kurogane and Mashiro suddenly warped into the room.
Wha…! It’s fine since only the family is here, but you can’t warp even in the mansion, alright-!?
I have to warn them later.

「Lord, that fellow is here」
「Let’s go somewhere before he comes, okay!?」
「Eh? What?」

That fellow? … Eh, surely not…

At the same time I felt something bad going on, Gilbert came over while flustered.

「Master… a guest has arrived, what should I do?」
「… A guest? I should not have any plans arrange for today though?」
「That’s, erm…」

Taking a glance at the surroundings, Gilbert whispered something to Otousama.

「… What? Why has that person come here…? … No, this presence is certainly his…」

After opening his eyes wide for a little, Otousama quietly stood up and started leaving.

「So, what salon is he in?」
「He’s at the Hero’s Place」
「Got it. I will go immediately. Prepare the service」
「I have already given the word」

I blankly saw the hurried Otousama and Gilbert off.

… Err, Kaguya hid in panic, Kurogane and Mashiro said「That fellow is here」and Otousama addressed him as「that person」…
… His Majesty? … Definitely not.

… Ppppperhaps, Leon-sama!?
No, no need for perhaps, it is Leon-sama, isn’t it? Why? Why is he here!?
What business does he have in our house!?

「Hmm… he’s suppressing his magical power, but… has Leon-sama come over? What does he need?」

Oniisama who is good at recognizing people’s magical power immediately understood who the guest was.
Ugh… I have to practice that too.

「Umm… Oniisama? Did Leon-sama come?」

I shamelessly asked.

「Yeah, seems like it」
「Does Leon-sama visit the houses of the retainers like this often?」
「No? I’ve heard from Prince Ray that he wanders around the town, but I haven’t heard anything about visiting houses like this. Besides, he has never come to our house since I started living in the Capital」

Uwaa~… I have a bad feeling.
The reason he came to our house…

「Cristea-sama. Master is calling you」

Giblert returned once again and called me over.

No way-! I was his objective after all-! No way-!

My「Otousama who yielded to a delicious breakfast☆ I would like you to hear out your beloved daughter’s request, please? ~Scold me only moderately~」plan has been spoiled-!

「Lord! Are you going!?」
「Cristea, let’s go somewhere right now, okay?」
『Noo, you are the target so quickly go over! And quickly send him away! You won’t get eaten or anything anyway, right!? Inviting over something so scary again, you really are stupid, aren’t you!?』

Isn’t Kaguya-san a bit too cold in comparison to Mashiro and Kurogane!?
I have not invited him over!

「I understand. Gilbert, can you lead me there? Mashiro and Kurogane, you stay in the room, okay? It will be fine」

I smiled at them.

「… Got it」
「… Lord, immediately call for us were something to happen」
「Yes, I got it」

Gilbert brought me to the salon named Hero’s Place which was decorated with heroically themed paintings and sculptures where Otousama and Leon-sama were waiting. By the way, there are also the Holy Woman and Young Lady themed salons too.

Haa… this must have happened right after I put Otousama in a good mood with so much effort.
The strategy I have secretly come up with might not be usable anymore…
I followed Gilbert while reflecting upon my actions…


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