Shomin no Aji – Chapter 274

I don't understand after all...


I have watched the two who were talking about the deliciousness of the aging meat even now while stuffing my cheeks with the meat skewer.

… Hmm, I really don’t understand his objective.

I wonder if he’s planning on suddenly bringing up the topic of Kurogane once I lower my guard?

While thinking about that, I didn’t forget to eat the meat skewer in a no time.

Haa… that was delicious. Thanks for the meal.
We should consider aging meat in our house too. Yeah.

After finishing eating the meat skewer, Gilbert collected the skewer and handed me a wet cloth. As expected of a handy man, he’s different! I should be careful…

The guest is a Sacred Beast, so once Gilbert dealt with everything, he quietly retired with the other servants.

Which means that the victims of Leon-sama’s bomb have been reduced to the minimum.

Rather than painfully waiting whether he will bring up the talk, wouldn’t it be better to bring it up myself, I wonder… or, will he, fortunately, return just like this… that would be impossible, huh.

Eei, let’s wait.
I would feel awkward cutting into the two’s heated conversation about the most optimal dishes the aging meat could be used for…

「Umm, Leon-sama?」
「Na? What is it? … Ah, you finished eating? Want another one?」

I panicked at Leon-sama who nonchalantly took out another meat skewer.

「Ah! No! That’s not it! It was very tasty! I just had breakfast and I’m already full, so I will have to decline」
「That so? Then, how about a fruit?」

What Leon-sama took out from his Inventory while saying that was…

「Ah… an apple」
「I ate the yesterday’s pastry myself in the end, but that was really good. The insides were filled with this, right? However, it’s so sour on its own…」

Wiping the apple on his shirt, Leon-sama bit into it and grimaced at the sourness.

Everything you do is wild huh, Leon-sama… you should have lived for a long time in the royal palace, so you should know stuff like manners.

「That’s because the apples were boiled hard to be sweet. You can eat it as it is, but it needs to be processed for use in sweets」
「I see! Then, can you make that with this?」

As soon as he said that, he dropped a mountain of apples from his Inventory.

「Err… the outside dough of that pastry takes a long time to prepare, so I won’t be able to make it right away」
「What, is that so…」

Leon-sama looked down dejectedly.
… Was it that delicious?

「Umm, if you wait for a moment, then I could make something else…」
「Really!? Then, please!」

Suddenly showing a smile, Leon-sama presented me an apple.

「Cristea, will you be alright?」
「Yes, I will be done quickly. Would Otousama like to have a try too?」
「All right. Then, could I have a few of these apples please?」
「No, I will give you everything」
「… Thank you very much. Gilbert, please have this carried to the kitchen」

Holding several apples in my hands, I asked Gilbert to have the rest transported to the kitchen and I left the room.


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