Shomin no Aji – Chapter 275

Simple, delicious apple dessert.


When I arrived at the kitchen while carrying apples in my hands, Head Chef who discovered me ran over.

「Cristea-sama, what’s the matter? Are you going to make a pie again?」
「No, these apples are a present from a guest. I thought of making a simple dessert with them」
「I will help you! Please instruct me anything!」

… Head Chef, you want to watch again, huh? But, I don’t plan on making anything that great today… I can’t take too much time after all.

「Well then, could you prepare a kitchen knife, frying pan, butter, sugar and also a cinnamon powder for me?」

Head Chef rushed to make the preparations as soon as he heard my reply.

… Is it really okay to use a person like this as my apprentice rather than a subordinate?
Shin was previously trained for the support duty, but… he has no place to appear.

Shin who was currently working looked at me and shrugged his shoulders without stopping his hands…
He didn’t say anything, but I feel like he’s saying「Do as you like」.

… Oh well.
It was because I couldn’t say anything to Head Chef who was joyfully preparing the tools and ingredients.

「Cristea-sama! The preparations are complete!」
「… T, thanks」
「Umm, may I watch from the side?」

… I thought you would ask that.

「I don’t mind, but… I’m not making anything difficult?」
「You are being humble again」

Ha ha ha, I was scared by the great image Head Chef had about me in his head. The hurdle is too high…

Although I say that, Leon-sama is waiting for me, so I have to move my hands quickly. First of all, I pushed the Head Chef into the back of my mind.

First, I quickly washed the apples and cut them unskinned into round slices of about 1cm. I gouged out the cores and made them into a donut shape.
I put water and sugar into the frying pan and let heat on a medium flame, waited until it changed color, put in the butter and add apples after the butter melted.
I took the apples from the fire, arranged them on a plate and sprinkled with cinnamon powder.
And the caramel sautéed apples are done.

「And it’s done」
「… Eh? Already?」

Hearing that it’s finished, Head Chef who was anticipating what’s going to be done next seemed to be dejected.

「Yes, it is? You may eat the leftovers in the pan, so I will ask you to clean up please」

Head Chef who was given the honor of sampling the food saw me off with a smile.

While leaving the kitchen with Gilbert who was pushing the plate on a wagon,「Ttthis is!? The flavor is so good even though it was so simple to make it…! It’s sweet yet there’s bitterness which mixes with the apples…!」such impressions and Uoooh! shout was audible from behind… is he all right?

After walking from the kitchen for a while, I halted where there were no eyes, and stored the wagon Gilbert was pushing in the Inventory.
Although Gilbert opened his eyes in surprise for a moment, he immediately smiled at me.

「That was right. I have heard from Master that Cristea-sama is a possessor of Inventory」

As Otousama’s trusted aide, Gilbert was a few of the people who knew about my Inventory and Sacred Beasts contracts.

「… I thought it would cool down before we reached the Hero’s Place」
「Is that so? It’s painful asking Cristea-sama when it is our job, but it would be spoiled if that got cold」

That’s right. I would like to offer as much sauté as possible.
The time does not pass in the Inventory, so if I take out the wagon right before the Hero’s Place, I would be able to present it while it’s still hot.

Once before the Hero’s Place, I retrieved the wagon from the Inventory and also took out another thing.

「Cristea-sama? This is…?」

I whisperingly answered Gilbert who asked me in a low voice.

「It’s ice cream made from fresh cream. It’s delicious when eaten together with this. It’s also good with a whipped cream」

I recommend enjoying the coldness of the ice cream together with the heat of the caramel-butter sauté.
I scooped ice cream in a part of the arranged apples.
With this, the arrangements are complete.

「Excuse me. Sorry to have kept you waiting」

Now then, will they like it?


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