Shomin no Aji – Chapter 277

I was seen through...


As I thought, Kurogane and others were exposed by Leon-sama…

Well, it’s fine since I was expecting that, no it’s not fine, but… the problem is whether His Majesty and Lily-sama know.

Will I be, by any chance, summoned to the royal palace after this… what to do?

「I see… as I thought, fellow Sacred Beasts would simply understand what we couldn’t possibly know…」

This is not the time to be nodding in consent, Otousama!
Your daughter is in a pinch, you know!?

「Leon-sama, are his His Majesty or Her Majesty aware about this, by the way?」

Ohh!? Otousama is going right to the point!?

「Ha? Why? There’s no way those guys would know about it, right?」

Leon-sama said in puzzlement.

「No, I didn’t mean that… have you not reported about Cristea’s contracts to His Majesty?」
「Let me ask why again? The reporting duty is something you humans come up with yourselves, right? It’s unrelated to us」

Leon-sama shrugged his shoulders.

Eh? What? … That means he really kept it secret?

「I’m protecting that fellow’s descendants and the citizens this country by my own will. I have no intentions of forcing other Sacred Beasts into it. By reporting, this fellow here would only become a piece of the politics, right? I won’t let a pipsqueak like that become something like that. This fellow is a citizen I should be protecting after all」

Leon-sama… you are too handsome!
Although I have an objection about a lady like me being called a pipsqueak!

「… Is that so? I am relieved to hear that」

The wrinkles from Otousama’s glabella finally disappeared.
I, I’m glad… I’m really glad!
The scolding time might shorten by a little…!

「Besides, this girl was making a『I got exposed-!』face in the palace, so I thought she really wanted to keep it secret~ so I had no intentions of talking, ya know?」

Ahhahha, laughed Leon-sama.
… I was completely seen through…
Ah, ah, the wrinkles on Otousama’s glabella…! As I thought, the scolding this time will be most likely a long one…

「However, how unusual. Normally, you would report that immediately to secure the position of the Crown Princess candidate, but to expressly hide it…」
「… Having my daughter to become that guy’s daughter-in-law would be intolerable」

Otousama… again with that…

「You… it’s fine since it’s me, but that remark would be considered a heresy, right? Well, it’s not like I don’t understand you from watching you guys every day…」

Kuku, laughed Leon-sama.

「… If you understand, I would ask you to continue keeping it secret」
「Sure~ well, it will get exposed soon anyway. Make sure to properly prepare by then, alright?」
「… That’s my intention」

Otousama replied discontentedly.

Err… does this mean that everything is all right? The talk has come to an end without me who could only sit in panic and confusion though?

I, is this really okay, I wonder…


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