Shomin no Aji – Chapter 278

What was his purpose, in the end?


「Umm… Leon-sama?」
「N? What is it?」
「What was the purpose of Leon-sama coming here today, if I may inquire?」

Still, I can’t understand his real intention.
If he has no intentions of letting His Majesty know, why did he come here?

「…? To bring you a delicious meat skewer?」

Eh? Just that?

「You want to fill the stomach of someone who let you eat something delicious, right? Besides, I thought you might let me eat that apple pastry again」

Leon-sama laughed.
Eh? Really?? Just that?

「… Was it really just that?」

Otousama confirmed tiredly.

「The hell, what else would I… ah~… I see. You thought I came here to probe you? I told you, right? That I will keep silent about stuff」

Leon-sama said with an expression of comprehension.

… He truly and seriously planned to keep it secret, huh.

「In the first place, it was so easy to understand, so there was no need to expressly confirm… well, I thought of meeting them for a little, though?」

Eh? Whom? Surely not…

「Hey, Fenrir. You are here, right? Come out」

The moment Leon-sama called out,

「… I won’t let you meddle with Lord any further」
「Cristea is, ours!」

Kurogane and Mashiro instantly appeared via warp.
Kurogane stood before me and in front of Leon-sama and Mashiro jumped at me. Guhe!
Awawa…! You two, calm down!

Gilbert knew about Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s identities, but he was startled when the two suddenly warped in.

「Yoo~ Fenrir. Were you well? Sorry about that time. That fellow didn’t want threats lurking in the land he chose for the Capital」

Sorry, sorry! Leon-sama apologized.
S, so light…!

… Rather, talking about that…

The fairy-tale about this country speaks how the Founding King’s Sacred Beast Leon-sama kicked magic beasts around in order to bring safety to the land which would become the Capital, but among them was a Fenrir, who apparently also surrendered… to think it was Kurogane…
Kurogane was mischievous in the past after all…

「Having a Lord to protect now, the past is irrelevant for me. Anyhow, I won’t let you meddle with Lord. Moreover, it’s not Fenrir, I now have a splendid name, Kurogane」

Hmph! Kurogane replied with a smug face.

「Yes, yes. Kurogane, is it… well, let’s get along?」
「I have no intentions of getting along with you. Quickly leave」

Kurogane glared at Leon-sama.
No, no… he finally confirmed to keep silent about that matter, so let’s not fight!? Okay?

「Oh~ scary… so? This guy is also contracted, right?」
「Cristea is our master. You have no place to appear!」
「… Hmm, still young. Holy Bear from the North, huh. A lot of blood is the source of failure. Cool your head and properly protect your Lord. If you bite at everyone, you won’t be able to protect her when it counts, ya know?」
「… Ugh!」

Guh, Mashiro was lost for words. Right, right. Calm down a little, okay?

「I have no intentions of poking my nose into your Lord’s business so take it easy. You might be merry because you have just made a contract, but if you don’t calm down a little, you will be the ones to bring your Lord down, ya know?」

The two seemingly calmed down after thinking about it.

「Well, all’s good. We are neighbors so let’s get along. I will come again」

Leon-sama waved his hand as he prepared to leave.

「「You don’t need to come anymore!」」

Mashiro and Kurogane replied in unison.

「… You get along since you share a master, huh?」

Leon-sama said with a grin.

「「We don’t get along!!」」
「Ahhahha! Don’t you get along well just as I thought? Well, keep on protecting her like that. Ah, do you guys want to eat this as well? It’s delicious」

Saying such, Leon-sama threw meat skewers towards the two.
Kurogane reflexively caught it and wanted to immediately throw it away, but knowing that I would get angry if he wasted food, he decided to unwillingly receive it.

「This is not enough for an apology so I will bring you something again. See ya?」

Leon-sama left the room while teasing. Gilbert who came to his senses chased after him.

「… Geez, what an unpleasant fellow」
「That guy, I hate him」

Kurogane and Mashiro stared at the door with displeased expressions.


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