Shomin no Aji – Chapter 279

A new danger after the storm?


The storm (Leon-sama) has left. Hoh.

… However, that Leon-sama, just what is he thinking…?

As Oniisama said, a Sacred Beast contractor would normally have to serve the country, yet why? A daughter or son of a noble? Then marry into the royalty! Your social status is low? Then become a concubine, that’s how desperately the country wants to keep us in…

It’s as Leon-sama said, the「Reporting duty」has been decided on by humans and has nothing to do with Sacred Beasts who aren’t interested…

For Sacred Beasts, being by the side of their contractor is all that matters. And if they can sense the comfortable magical power of their contractor, then they are complacent.

However, if the contractor is full of stress and the magical power is not comfortable anymore, the Sacred Beasts will immediately try to fulfil the contractor’s wishes as soon as possible. I understand from watching Mashiro and Kurogane that anything else is inconsequential.

Ah, but Sacred Beast won’t support evil deeds. Fundamentally, the magical power of those that are evil is not tasty so Sacred Beast won’t contract them in the first place, so they would forcibly contract magic beasts most of the times as there’s many to choose from. It’s a scary talk…

And then there are the Tamers which are apparently something different again, but I don’t understand that difference well… I will have to study once I enter the academy.

「… tea… Cristea! Are you listening to me!」

Whoops. I was in thoughts during Otousama’s scolding and wasn’t listening… didn’t I just prolong the scolding! I am stupid-!

「… Seriously, you are so… I’ve heard from Prince Ray’s guards that you were protected by Leon-sama who has coincidentally met you while you were lost, but I haven’t heard anything from you about the contracts being exposed?」

Otousama glared at me. Hii.

「Umm, about this, I haven’t had a concrete proof whether that was the case, so… if Leon-sama didn’t visit, I was intending to visit you in the office for a consultion」

First, I must insist that I have wanted to properly report about it!

「… Fumu. It certainly isn’t a topic to talk about in the open during a breakfast and tea break. So you mean the timing was bad?」
「… Exactly」

It’s the truth! Leon-sama came with a superb timingmon!

「… It can’t be helped if that’s the case. Fortunately, Leon-sama is like that. He won’t report about you unless you report to His Majesty first」
「… Do you think so?」

I mean, he so smoothly slipped in front of Otousama and Gilbert… won’t he do the same in front of His Majesty…

「As for the way he spoke, I think he could tell that we don’t want your contracts to get exposed」

Otousama looked at me suspiciously.
… You think so?

「And, because only Leon-sama himself noticed, he didn’t want to fault you, thus he came here to convey that you are not at a fault」

… Was that so??
I was completely exposeeeed-!? So all the thoughts in my mind were read, huh…

「I think you understood from this matter, but everyone is going to become aware of your contracts sooner or later. There are Tamers and other contractors in the academy. There’s no way they wouldn’t notice」

Ahh, that’s why Otousama always said “until you enter the academy”…

「Besides, what are you going to do about Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama once you enroll?」
「What am I…? … Ah」

There’s… no place for Mashiro and Kurogane?

There surely aren’t any people who bring pets into the dormitory and as for their human forms… I will be living in the women’s dormitory, so there’s no way Mashiro and Kurogane whose human forms are that of males can stay there.

Eh? Crap… what am I going to do?
I have not thought of anything…


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