Shomin no Aji – Chapter 280

Otousama's proposal. Part 1


What a dilemma.
Even though I will be entering women’s dormitory when I enter the academy, I have completely forgotten to think about Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s whereabouts during that time…

Because they spend most of the time in their Sacred Beast forms rather than the human forms back in the fief, I took them being by my side for granted and didn’t consider the matter about the dormitory at all…

Eh, Otousama? You knew, right?
That’s why you reminded me that it will get exposed when I enroll, right!?
Wha, why haven’t you pointed it out earlieeeer!

Seeing me so panicked, Otousama tried to soothe me.

「Now, don’t be so flustered. It’s not like there’s no way」

What did you say!?

「First, you could not live in the dormitory and commute from the mansion」

Ehh… that would be a bit…

It’s fundamentally settled to live in the dormitory after enrolling unless there are considerably serious circumstances. You can’t indeed say that my situation isn’t considerably serious, but I can’t indeed afford to say something like: “My contracted Sacred Beasts are at home!” I wouldn’t be so troubled if that was the case… therefore, I would have to make up some reason.

Besides, the academy is quite far away from our Capital’s mansion.
The means of travel of the nobility is mainly by carriage.
Of course, not the stagecoaches running around the town, but the carriage in the possession of the House. From what I heard from Otousama, one way would take about thirty… one hour.
And a round-trip in a carriage every single day… I wouldn’t like that.
Two hours would be lost because of the round-trip every day and I have no doubts that my butt would suffer.

Moreover, you know? A daughter of a high noble taking the same route at the same time every day would be like kindly inviting someone to kidnap me. Kurogane and Mashiro would naturally be with me, and I could warp when necessary, but I have no confidence in saving the driver too, so I would like to avoid such trouble.

Besides, I really want to go incognito shopping or for a tea with friends after school!

… I will do that with friends I will make from now on, alright! It won’t let it end up being just a wild delusion, okay!?

Seeing my displeasure, Otousama continued while grieving.

「Well, I thought you would be dissatisfied with that plan because of the carriage. Won’t it be fine if you get in the carriage and stealthily warp back in the mansion?」
「Still, I would have to enter a carriage no matter what. I don’t want to warp from a moving carriage because it’s difficult and we can’t waste the time of the driver by making him drive an empty carriage」

I shouldn’t mind being a wasteful as a noble more or less? You might think that, even though it’s a job, round-tripping an empty carriage as a job, I can’t help but think it’s a wasteful no matter what…
The biggest waste is doing a job that is just not worth it.

「Fumu, I thought you would jump in on this idea of mine, but…」

Otousama whispered under his nose.

「Did you say something?」
「No, it’s nothing. The next way would be occupying a single room and warping at night to the mansion, or having the two warping to the room instead…」
「… As it’s a dormitory where many young noble ladies live, I don’t think it will be a place one can easily warp from or to…?」
「Well, that’s correct. I was thinking, just maybe the two Sacred Beast could manage…」

Otousama glanced at Kurogane and Mashiro.

「… It’s not like it would be impossible, but only if it wasn’t a very powerful barrier. Even if we split through small openings, those would grow if we did it every day and either the barrier itself will end up getting destroyed one day or it would get noticed and repaired」

Eh? You can tell the openings in barriers? Moreover, slipping through that… isn’t that extremely sophisticated skill…?

But, it’s like that in the end. There’s no meaning if people noticed the instability of the barrier. Even if they don’t notice Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s existence, they would definitely be vigilant…

「As expected of Kurogane-sama. However, this is grave too, huh…」
「That seems to be the case…」

Haa… isn’t there any other way!? Otousama!


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