Shomin no Aji – Chapter 283

Let's proceed with the invitation preperations!


Now then. To invite Mariel-chan for a tea party, I first have to start with a written invitation.

I start by choosing a card and envelope. Although parchments are still used, there appears to be a reasonable papermaking technology, so although of a poorer quality, letter set and other paper products exist.

I was troubled with many of such high-class letter sets in front of me.

「… This is?」
「An article of the Mayor Company」
「… Then, this」
「This, as well. All of these were purchased from the Mayor Company」

The letter sets with the crest of the Ducal House of Ellisfeed overflow with elegance, so I thought of choosing a girly, lovely flower pattern, but to think they were products from Mariel-chan’s house… I thought they might be a strong paper product company, but they seem to cover a lot of ground.

Ehh… what to do? I don’t know the cost, so if I use something untactful, won’t Mariel-chan「Did she think something of this standard was sufficient for someone like me?」misunderstand me? Having said that, if I use other product I bought,「She didn’t use it even though she bought so many of our products… I wonder if she wasn’t pleased with them?」she might feel displeased.
… Ahh, so difficult.

I believe using a product of the Mayor Company would be the best choice, but good gracious, which one do I choose… I didn’t think I would stumble at the first step…

Miria told me that I’m thinking too much about it and that anyone would be happy if they realized that one of their products was my favorite…
Won’t she feel let down the moment she receives it?

Miria was preparing tea while watching the troubled me with a wry smile.

「How about taking a break for a little? I will replace your tea」
「… Should I do that?」

Ugh, I apologize Miria-san…

… Ah, right. I would like to relax a little bit more, so how about blending an herbal tea?

「Ah, Miria. Please blend this」

What I have retrieved from the Inventory was a chamomile-like… no, it’s probably chamomile, right? … plant I picked and dried it for an herbal tea. It’s fine just adding it in, but the fragrance smells delicious when blended with a black tea.
I decided to have the tea leaves and this herb blended in 7:3 ratio this time.

「Here you go, Cristea-sama」
「Thank you. Woah… it really does have a wonderful fragrance」

Even before drinking, a smile floated on my face the moment I inhaled the chamomile-like fragrance.

… Haa, once I finish drinking this, I will have to decide on what to choose, huh.
Thinking such while looking at the pile of letter sets, my eyes stopped at a certain letter set.

… Ah, that might be good.

What I took in my hand was a lovely letter set with a floral pattern.

「Cristea-sama, have you decided on that?」
「Yes. Also, I have a request for Miria…」
「…? What that might be?」


「… Cristea-sama. Does this look all right?」

Miria granted my request who was carefully observing the written invitation at her side.

「N? Let me see, let me see… ah, how nice, it’s fantastic! I’m glad I have asked you, Miria~!」
「… Oh my… I am embarrassed」

What I asked Miria of was a sewing.
I had her sew a leftover and thin cloths in which I had her enclose the chamomile from before. There were some laces among the leftover cloths, so she used that to decorate it.

A chamomile sachet was completed.
I sealed the not-so-large sachet together with the written invitation in the envelope.
I tried making it similar to a Japan’s perfumed inserts.

The letter set’s floral pattern was similar to chamomile, so I thought of incorporating the scent to it.
That wouldn’t be a strange reason to choose this particular letter set, right?

Yeah, the written invitation is done!
Next, I have to think about the sweets and dishes!


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