Shomin no Aji – Chapter 284

Speaking of tea parties.


I have written the invitation, so I asked Miria to have it delivered to Baron Mayor’s House.

Now then, next problem lies in the tea and sweets which are indispensable at a tea party.
Of course, I also have to consider the tableware.

Speaking of tea parties, it’s the British afternoon tea, isn’t it! Three-tier tea stand with sandwiches, scones, and cake… a freshly made scone with plenty of clotted cream and jam, that corruption-like amount of calories that makes one feel guilty when eaten…!
I often ate it in my OL times, when I wanted to feel extravagant… yeah, let’s reproduce it. However, there’s no tea stand here and I also can’t obtain the clotted cream. Let’s close my eyes to that and do my best.

I will cut the sandwiches into mouthful pieces so they can be easy to eat even while talking. And, I’m going to garnish the scone with fresh cream and jam. As for the cakes, making several kinds of smallish ones might be good.

It would be nice to match them with apple tea and herbal tea.

For the tableware, I will match it with the invitation and use floral patterns. I will have to see what we have later.

Haa… I’m so looking forward to it.
While I was making plans for the tea party, Mashiro set down next to me and placed his head on my shoulder.

「Cristea, looks happy」
「Yeah… that’s right, I’m having fun! I might be able to make my first girl friend after all」
「When you enroll, things go well, the time with us will decrease…?」

Mashiro stared at me with a lonely expression.

… Oh my my, did he get uneasy from my exchange with Otousama?

「Once I enroll, the time we are together will definitely decrease. But, I will do my best to spend as much time together as possible in the evening and on holidays」
「Mashiro, don’t be selfish. Lord will be going now to expand her views」

Kurogane warned Mashiro who sidled up to me.

My, it’s unusual for Kurogane to intervene at a time like this…
Has he been thinking about various things after meeting Leon-sama?

「… I mean, won’t Kurogane be lonely?」

Kurogane replied to the sulking Mashiro while letting out a sigh.

「I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be lonely. However, that fellow Leon said it before, right? We cannot become Lord’s shackles」
「… I got it. Will endure」

Hmm, at times like this, the self-control of the seniority of Kurogane showed its effect. Mashiro said something a young child would.

「I have no plans of going out today, so let’s be together the whole day, okay?」
「Yes. Let’s have a tea. What sweets would you like?」
「Yay! Umm you see, want to eat Dorayaki!」

The first time Mashiro ate Dorayaki with ice cream, it became his favorite snack, so I have a large stock of Dorayaki in my Inventory. It’s perfect when wanting to eat snacks a little bit.

Mashiro is poor with bitter things like Sencha and Matcha, so let’s go with Matcha latté. I asked Miria to warm the milk, and we ate Dorayaki with the Matcha latté I made.

Kurogane seems to like Sencha, so I made him Sencha. I felt like to freshening up myself by drinking Sencha after Matcha latté.
Kaguya said that Dorayaki with warm milk is the best combination. It’s fun seeing everyone have their drink preferences to match with the Dorayaki.
I have to properly ask Mariel-chan druing the tea party about her preferences and offer her a delicious tea!


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