Shomin no Aji – Chapter 285

It was a promise, wasn't it?


When relaxing with Mashiro and Kurogane while eating Dorayaki, Oniisama came over.

「Cristea, do you have time?」
「My, Oniisama is always welcome」

While Miria was preparing Oniisama’s tea, I took out Dorayaki and recommended it.

「Err, this is…?」
「It’s Dorayaki. Come to think of it, I haven’t treated it to you in the end during your summer holidays」

I recalled that I have promised to treat Oniisama to Dorayaki after he conceded the Mille Crepe to Prince Ray.

「Ah, so this is what you were talking about at that time? Umm, is this… some kind of sweets?」

It appears he couldn’t see the little pancakes with red bean paste inside as sweets.

「Yes. This is called Anko which is sweetly cooked beans. The sweetness is moderate, but it’s very delicious, you know?」

I replied cheerfully.

「If you don’t eat, I will eat it for you?」

Oniisama flinched when Mashiro with his cheeks full and hands held out asked him.

「… No, Cristea’s recommendation can’t be wrong after all. I will eat」

Declining Mashiro who wanted to lend him a hand after finishing eating, Oniisama took a bite in the Dorayaki.

「… It really is delicious. I was wondering how sweetly cooked beans would taste, but… this moderate sweetness certainly makes one want to eat endlessly」

Encouraged, Oniisama gobbled down the Dorayaki. He promptly took a sip of the Sencha Miria served, and he breathed out in admiration.

「I was startled by the different bitterness from the black tea, but it’s perfect with this Dorayaki. It quickly washed my mouth, making me want to eat more」

Isn’t that right, isn’t that right!
The affinity of tea and Dorayaki is supreme!
We continued to eat Dorayaki in a cheerful atmosphere.

「… So, what business did you have with Lord?」

Kurogane, that was rude to Oniisama… although I have completely forgotten about that.

「Ah. Sorry, sorry. I almost forget after absorbedly stuffing myself with the delicious Dorayaki」
「Fufu… oh dear, Oniisama. Just what did you need from me?」
「Ah, Prince Ray you see… he wanted to come for a visit to play again, is that fine with you?」

Prince Ray wants to? Ehhh… what a bother.
I would request if he could come while I am out, if possible.

「He’s Oniisama’s guest, so I have no place to talk. I will be quiet so I don’t interrupt you, okay? Of course, I will take the privilege of preparing the tea cakes」
「No, that’s… he wants to have a tea together with Cristea too, if possible…」

Eeeeeh… that is extremely bothersome though.

「So, he said he will come tomorrow at the tea time…」

Ehhh~!? … Huh, wait a moment? Tomorrow, at that time, I will be…

「Oniisama, I’m truly sorry, but tomorrow, I have planned a tea party with a friend. I have already sent the invitation…」
「A friend… ah, the child from that time? I see…」
「Yes. Therefore, I don’t think I will be able to entertain him」
「I see, I will decline Prince Ray with that」

Oniisama replied somewhat delightfully.
That’s right, Oniisama also wants to have a time where he doesn’t have to babysit Prince Ray, right!

Yay~! I have safely avoided a tea with Prince Ray~!
It’s all thanks to Mariel-chan!


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