Shomin no Aji – Chapter 286

I somehow had a bad feeling like that.


This day has come at last!
The very day of the tea party.

Fufufu… yesterday, I did nothing but prepared sweets for today’s tea party all day long.
Soft and fluffy sandwiches, scones with enjoyable mouthfeel garnished with a whipped fresh cream and jam and honey. For the cakes, I prepared Mille Crepe, small apple and pumpkin pies.
As for the tea, I have prepared black tea, herbal tea and even an apple tea. If she wished, I’m also ready to prepare Royokucha or Matcha for her!

I have received a reply saying「I will gladly visit!」from Mariel-chan yesterday, so all that’s left is for her to arrive. I have asked Gilbert to drive a carriage to receive her, so she shouldn’t encounter any trouble on the way. It’s perfect. I went to the entrance hall, feeling that she will arrive soon.

「Hey, Miss Cristea. It sure was serious the other day!」

Wha! Why are you here, Prince Ray!
Stop greeting me with a refreshing smile! Didn’t I decline you just the day before yesterday?

「Sorry, Cristea. “I will be visiting you, so it’s fine, right?” Is what he said without listening to me」

Oniisama said apologetically. No, it’s not your fault, Oniisama. This Prince Ray who can’t read the mood is at fault here!

「My, is that so? You have a business with Oniisama? Then, it’s not like I can interrupt you two, right? Besides, I also have a guest coming」
「Eh, wait, let’s talk at least for a little…」

Giving a sidelong glance towards the flustered Prince Ray, Hohoho… I laughed and excused myself~ Just as I was about to be seen off by Prince Ray and Oniisama, the door of the entrance hall opened.

「Cristea-sama. I have brought your guest」

Gilbert who met Mariel-chan at the entrance invited her inside.
Wow! It’s Mariel-chan! Welcome, I was waiting for you~!

「U… umm! Dank… thank you very much for inviting me on this occasion!」

… She bit her tongue. Ah! She turned bright red and hung her head in shame! No way-! Too cute! An adorable creature is right here~!

「My! Welcome, Mariel-sama. I was looking forward to meeting you, you know?」
「M, me too! I was looking forward to it very much!」

Mariel-chan said after she promptly raised her head. So cute~!

「Ufufu, I hope that you could enjoy yourself today. Now then, shall we go?」
「Yesh! … Ah! Y, Your Highness!?」

Crap. I have completely forgotten about the existence of Prince Ray.

「Hey, you are…?」

What, what? Prince Ray’s you are…? How fake!
Even though you denounced me such on our first meeting! This wolf in sheep’s clothing!

「Ah! Erm, forgive my rudeness! I, I am Baron Mayor’s daughter, my name is Ma, Mariel!」

Mariel-chan greeted Prince Ray with a bright red face.

「Miss Mariel, huh? Miss Cristea is the precious little sister of my best friend Norman. I would like if you got along with her」

Sparkle☆ When he said that with a refreshing smile, Mariel-chan’s red face became even redder as she replied「Y, yes!」.
When Oniisama told her「Please take a good care of Cristea」Mariel-chan who seemed to be already at the wits’ end managed to reply「Yes! Likewise!」.

Being at such high tension from the beginning, will be Mariel-chan all right? I who was turning blind towards my own shortcomings worried…


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