Shomin no Aji – Chapter 287

How did it turn out like this?


「I… it’s delicious! It’s my first time eating sweets this delicious~!」
「My, I am glad to hear that. Thank you very much. There’s plenty, so please eat a lot」

Mariel-chan stuffed her cheeks with a whole-faced smile and a hand on her cheek. She’s so adorable, like a little squirrel.

We have changed places after that and started the tea party and enjoyed the afternoon tea in a cat-themed room.
Kaguya remained pretending to be a harmless cat and extorted sweets from Mariel-chan and me, but Mariel-chan was enjoying herself so that’s all that counts!
Ufufu, if it continues like this, then we really might become friends!

「Yeah, this is also tasty. Do you still have more of this sandwich?」

… Only if Prince Ray wasn’t here.
Prince Ray, the cat you have been hiding has been completely let out of the bag, you know?

In the end, the situation has developed into Let’s have a tea together with everyone! so the girls-only gathering was over before it started.
… How did it turn out like this?
According to my plans, I should have been enjoying a girls talk with Mariel-chan now, but for some reason, the situation turned into asking Prince Ray and Oniisama questions about the academy while eating sweets.

「My! Your magical power will be measured immediately after enrolling then?」
「Indeed. Your magical power is checked when you are five, but it will be checked in more detail together with your attributes upon enrolling. Many usually put great efforts into increasing their magical power and control under a private tutor after the five-year check after all」
「Is that so? It’s embarrassing but I am a daughter of a rising noble, so I wasn’t aware of that and didn’t practice in particular…」

Oh my, what am I going to do…? Mariel-chan showed bewilderement.

Certainly, since the children of the nobility are said to have more magical power, the higher it is, the better. Because of that, young ladies put great effort in increasing their magical power since small in order to find a good match.
Well, it’s all useless unless you can control it too.

As for me, I have been locked up in the fief because of my enormous amount of magical power that I couldn’t control, but it has stabilized for some reason after I regained the memories of my past life and Teacher Marlen also taught me many things, so my magical power is perfectly stable and I am already able to use various spells.
I believe that everything is thanks to the imagination power of my past life’s memories.

Thanks to that, I should have entered the academy with a plenty of things learned, but Teacher Marlen got carried away and I learned way too much… it’s useful stuff so it’s fine though.

「Now, now. The academy will teach you about the quantity of magical power and control, so it’s fine. Rather, the academy constantly researches the methods of increasing and controlling magical power, so rather than learning in a haste now, I think it would be better to study the cutting-edge methods from the academy, see?」

As expected of Oniisama! Nice follow-up!

「I see. I think I will do that then」
「Mariel-sama, I am also interested in the cutting-edge control practices, so let’s learn together, okay?」
「Yes! By all means!」

Mariel-chan replied cheerfully.
Yaay! It seems we will be able to get along even after enrolling!

「I don’t mind if you rely on us if you are troubled in the academy」

Ohh, what a reliable senior thing to say, but if you ask something so impossible, won’t Mariel-chan be troubled?

「Prince Ray, there’s no way she can talk to you that carefreely. Miss Mariel, if something happens, you better consult with Cristea or me」
「That’s right. Consulting with Oniisama or me is fine」
「Y, yes! Thank you very much!」

Mariel-chan replied with relief. I know, right?

「What, doesn’t it make me look useless…」

Prince Ray pouted.

「It’s not that you are useless. You, who will eventually become the king, should calmly prepare for that. These sort of things, you should leave to me, your future retainer」
「I don’t like not being able to do anything. This is the only time I can do something for our citizens directly, right? Besides, we are equals within the academy」
「Your Highness… I understand. I will properly ask His Highness for help if there’s something I need to help with」
「Yeah. Do just that」

Ohh… is this the wonderful relation of master and servant?
Oniisama, you are working hard as the future retainer, huh…
Prince Ray’s statement also had much thought behind it. I thought he was negligently cool. I am sorry for thinking you only have Oresama remarks.


When I looked at Mariel-chan who muttered in a low voice next to me, she was looking at the two with entranced expression.

Nn? Did she perhaps fell for one of them… or something?


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