Shomin no Aji – Chapter 288

S, surely not...? N?


Mariel-chan watched Prince Ray’s and Oniisama’s exchange in a trance.
Well, I must admit… both of them are promising goods at the top of the food chain. I’m aware that all girls yearn to be married to either of them.

Which one is Mariel-chan fond of? Will I understand if I followed her line of sight?
N? It’s Prince Ray… or not. Then, Oniisama? … That’s not it too? Huh?


She muttered such words again.
It sounds like one of the lines Otakus in my past life would say though.
S, surely not, right?

When I stared at Mariel-chan while considering a certain possibility, Mariel-chan who noticed my gaze「Hawawa!」corrected her seating posture in panic and smiled at me.

「Err, umm, what is it?」
「No, it’s nothing. How about another cup of tea?」
「Y, yes! Please!」
「What would you like next? Apart from black tea, we have herbal tea, apple tea, then I also have an unusual one called Matcha, you see?」
「Eh? Ma, Mamamatcha!?」

Eh? She liked my bait?

I was overwhelmed by Mariel-chan’s enthusiasm.

「Y… yeah. It’s a bit bitter, but it gets sweet and delicious with milk, would you like that?」
「Ma, Matcha latté!? T, that! I’d like to drink that!」
「Y, yes. Please, wait a moment, okay?」

I asked Miria to make Matcha latté.

… Wait a moment?
Mariel-chan, did you say Matcha latté just now?
I haven’t said the words ‘Matcha latté’ during my explanation, right? Miria knows the latté as a recipe, but she doesn’t understand what latté means. And yet, Mariel-chan said it’s Matcha latté only from hearing what the materials used roughly are.
Mariel-chan… are you perhaps…?
I recalled her remark from a little while ago as well.
Mariel-chan is surely a reincarnated person just like me.

Does Mariel-chan who excitedly waits for the Matcha latté not think that I am also a reincarnated person?
No, no, it might be just a coincidence, so I shouldn’t conclude that Mariel-chan is a reincarnated person.
But, did you think I would leave this matter end just like a mere coincidence?

Do you think it would be possible for my first girl friend to be a reincarnated person like me? But, if that was the case, then it would really be reassuring, right?
I wonder if there’s a method I could use to confirm whether Mariel-chan is reincarnated?

While worried about this and that, the Matcha latté was carried in.

「Here you go. If you find it bitter, please add more sugar, okay?」
「Woah! Thank you! … N~! This is it! So nostalgic~!」
「Eh? … Ah! No, it’s delicious~!」

She tried to gloss over it, but she certainly said ‘nostalgic’. As I thought. As long as the drink is not made in another land, Mariel-chan is also surely a reincarnated person…! Waan! I’m happy, but how do I confirm it with Mariel-chan herself!?


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