Shomin no Aji – Chapter 289

What should I do to confirm?


「Mariel-sama, are you a reincarnated person?」

I wish I could go straight to the point like that.
I could somehow indirectly ask that if we were alone, but Oniisama and Prince Ray are here.
Hmm, what to do?

Mariel-chan seems to have been into boys love in her past life, so how about I try poking that?
How about asking the opposite? No, no, my friend that was kifujin would scornfully laugh at me「You think I would fall for something so basic?」. It wouldn’t work.
How about I try if she reacts to a famous line from an anime? No, no, that might lead to an unclimbable wall that is the generation gap. Rather, if I’m untactful, I might receive a certain damage in a meaning… it’s dangerous.

I am troubled. I can’t find a way to confirm.
Ahh geez, my head really isn’t suitable for plotting like this. Ah~ so troublesome! If it continues like this, I will just have to go for it!

While I was endlessly troubled, Oniisama spoke to Mariel-chan.

「I smell a faint fragrance of herbs. It’s not from tea… is it you?」

Mariel-chan who was smiled at replied with a bright red face.

「Eh? Ah, yes! I, it’s probably me! Err, it might be this」

What she took out from her pocket was the sachet I have enclosed into the invitation letter.

「My… that is」
「Yes. It’s the one I have received from you, Cristea-sama. It gave off a really nice fragrance and it looks cute, so I carried it on me」

Ehehe, Mariel-chan replied while smiling. I’m glad, it seems she liked it.

「I felt that sending only a written invitation would seem dull. I’m glad you seem to like it」
「Hee, this with the invitation? That’s wonderful」
「Thank you very much」

Ufufu, I got praised by Oniisama!

「Oh, looks nice and girly」

Ohh, I was praised by Prince Ray too.

「That’s right! It’s wonderful! This will definitely be popular with women, you know? Right, Father said that he would love to sell this at our company. He also said that he will visit Duke-sama to receive a permission from Cristea-sama」

Ehh? I don’t think it’s something that would sell much.

「Umm, this is something I have come up on a whim, it’s not something great. Asking for permission would be……」
「No. “I have no doubts this will become popular!” Father wants to have it at our company because he was convinced as such」
「Indeed, this will surely get popular. Nonchalantly sending fragrance in a letter, isn’t that stylish?」
「Isn’t that right! Moreover, it’s a double bargain as you can carry it on you like this!」
「Ah, I see. It smells much better than those stinky perfumes」
「That’s right!」

Mariel-chan answered with excitement. Where did her figure that was flustered by Prince Ray and Oniisama go? I just wanted to be a little playful with the invitation though. It’s only something I normally use to blend a tea and it was made just by enclosing it in cloth. It’s nothing elaborate.

Hmm, I now own rights to a letter scented sachets too, huh…… more profits might be a good thing, but I’m scared of being regarded as a money-grubber.
Ah, but it might be good to set some conditions for commercialization.

「Mariel-sama, I will speak to your father. I have some thoughts regarding the commercialization, so please tell him to visit our house by all means」

Saying such, I wrote a message to Otousama to regarding the meeting and had Miria deliver it to him.

「I will check the date of the meeting with Father now. I will then immediately write a letter for Baron Mayor, will you hand it to him please?」
「T, thank you very much!」

Before long, Miria returned with Otousama’s reply. When I checked the contents, it was a letter with a fixed date.
Ah! Right! A letter!
It appears that Mariel-chan is a former Japanese like myself, so how about I show her a letter written in Japanese?


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