Shomin no Aji – Chapter 29

We Became Close!


「Hou… this Furenchi toasto? is delicious. It’s sweet and fluffy」

Ichima-san (temporary) deliciously stuffs her cheeks with French toast. I’m glad she likes it.
Because I wouldn’t normally serve a French toast which is essentially a remedy menu for a leftover bread to a customer… at least the appearances, while thinking such, I garnished it with a whipped cream, berry sauce and peppermint, I basically tried to make it look a bit café-ish.

「It’s easy to make, so I will give you the recipe later. I’m glad it suits your tastes… if I had to choose, I prefer these rice crackers more」

It has the nostalgic munchy texture and taste. Ah~ delicious!

「You have quite refined tastes, don’t you?」
「This would be the best if I had a green tea to go with it though…」

Haa, I’m asking for the moon, aren’t I…

「Tea, huh? It’s astringent and bitter, so it’s not received that well over here, so this time’s quantity is not that much, but…」
「You have it!?」

C, come again~!?!

「We do. But, because the quantity is low, the price is a little bit high…」
「I wiwiwiwill buy it! So, umm… sencha, gyokuro or matcha which is it…」
「You really like bitter… want it all?」
「!! Yes! If possible! Lots of matcha!」
「… I, I understand」

Yay~! Tea secured~! I was a bit captivated though!
Adzuki has been also secured, so I can make matcha sweets now!
It will be getting hot from now on, so something like shaved ice would be good, right~!
Should I consult with Galvano Ojisan and have him start working on shaved ice machine!?

The next day after shopping. Because I have purchased lots from the Baste Company, I decided to have them delivered except the things I wanted to take home no matter what.
The giant of a man that was by Ichima-san’s (temporary) side said「You saved us by taking the things over」as he handed me over sweets from Yahatul and while the goods were being delivered, I was free, so I invited Ichima-san (temporary) for tea.

「Nevertheless, Cristea-dono is really well-knowledgeable about Yahatul’s food」
「The ancestors of one of our chefs are from Yahatul. That was the beginning of my interest」

I’m not saying a lie. Okpal… takoyaki started it all. My knowledge about the food is from my past life though!

「Ah… the man who was by your side yesterday. Come to think of it, his appearances somehow didn’t seem from this country」

Fumu, it seems she remembers Shin.

Ichima-san’s (temporary) name seems to be Sei Shikishima. O-Sei-chan, huh~ How cute~!
O-Sei-chan is a child of a military family which is equivalent to our country’s nobility, and she came to enroll into Aderia Academy (which I will be attending too) as an international student. She came here earlier to get used to the life in Doristan.
That giant of a man is a merchant, but he’s also O-Sei-chan’s guard.

Yahatul’s religion and way of life are different, so she came here because she wanted to know the differences… how amazing~ so diligent…
As for me… no, un I would like to visit Yahatul! Rather, I want to live there!
I’m sure I would get used to it…!


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