Shomin no Aji – Chapter 290

A woman's courage!


I, who have promptly written a letter to Baron Mayor also wrote on a different piece of paper in Japanese:「Mariel-sama, are you a reincarnated person like me? If so, I would like to talk another day in detail with you. If you have understood this letter, please reply「Yes」to me. Cristea」.

I properly sealed the letter for Baron Mayor and just lightly folded the piece of paper for Mariel-chan.
What reaction will Mariel-chan have after seeing this, I wonder…… I’m scared, but it’s sink or swim, so I have no choice but to try it. If she replies with「What is this?」, I just have to suitably deceive her.

「Mariel-sama, please hand this letter to Baron Mayor」

I put the message I wrote for Mariel-chan on top of the letter for Baron Mayor and handed it to her.

「Yes! Thank you very much……? This is?」

Mariel-chan looked at the seal-less paper.

「……! T, this is?」

Her eyes properly chased after the content of the letter and after Mariel-chan opened her eyes wide in surprise that she couldn’t hide, we looked at each other.
As I thought, Mariel-chan is a reincarnated person without a doubt!

「I have written a message in a secret code for you, Mariel-sama. Could you understand it?」

I asked Mariel-chan with a smile.

「Y, yes! I understand! Very much so!」

Mariel-chan replied while nodding and hugging the message close to her chest. She stared at me with sparkling eyes with tears welling up. I understand, I understand you, Mariel-chan! I also didn’t think I would be able to meet another reincarnated person like me!
Ahh, geez! Even though we could have talked if Prince Ray and Oniisama weren’t here! But, I surely wouldn’t notice were the two not here. Let me thank you in my heart.

「I am glad. Let’s have a talk with just the two of us another time, okay?」
「Yes, by all means! I will be looking forward to it!」

Mariel-chan replied with blushed cheeks. Waan! I am also looking forward to it~!

「A code? What kind?」

Curiously seeing our exchange, Prince Ray tried to peek at the message in Mariel-chan’s hands.

「Wha! This is a secret letter from Cristea-sama, so you mustn’t look!」

Mariel-chan put the letter in her pocket in panic.

「Prince Ray…… divulging into a secret talk of ladies is boorish, you know? I am sorry about this, Miss Mariel」
「Awawa? No, it’s nothing! I, I also said something rude to His Highness!」

Mariel-chan panicked because of Oniisama who apologized for Prince Ray’s actions.

「Ah, no, that was impolite of me. Sorry」

Indeed, you mustn’t look at the secret messages of ladies, Prince Ray.

「You said code, so I was wondering what kind of code. However, I couldn’t tell a thing from the symbol-like things I saw when I took a peek」

Wha, you saw it! However, it was written in Japanese so he didn’t understand a thing, huh.
As expected, only Japanese reincarnated people like us would know……

「It’s our secret code. Right? Mariel-sama」

Smile~! Mariel-chan answered with a smile on her whole face. Ehehe, it will be a secret only for us from now on, won’t it~!

And, with a promise of holding a tea party for the two of us another day, this day’s tea party has come to an end.


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