Shomin no Aji – Chapter 295

Report during a brushing time.

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Once the case of the sachets got somehow settled, I felt relieved.
I thought that asking a merchant「Although it’s a charity will you cooperate even though the profits will decrease?」would be simple, but the realization would be much tougher. It appears that Baron Mayor is not just any money-grubber. I am glad that Mariel-chan’s otousama is not a person who’s only moved by gains.
According to Okaasama, Baron Mayor is the most successful among the rising nobles that the jealous guys maliciously gossip about with things like「He bought the peerage with money」or「A conceited sham of a noble」.
Baron also must have realized that he would only incite the animosity of the other nobles if he only continued growing his company. My proposition was fit for a merchant, but I think it will appeal to the nobility. Understanding and getting on what I was talking about shows that he’s an able businessman. Actually, his connection with Otousama would also grow stronger. Even if he doesn’t receive protection, it will show others that the Duke is watching. Even if he wouldn’t make any money, it was an idea he could decisively get on.
Besides, sachets are really easy to make, so imitations or own works will appear on the market after a while, so he would be able to sell only a few until it gets out of fashion. If he doesn’t make a killing in the beginning, the profits should be little. Although there’s a saying 「There are no profits for those who don’t suffer a loss」, it’s quite difficult to put it in practice even if you are aware of it. That’s why I think that Baron who can do that so honestly is incredible.
As for me, I think of suggesting everyone at the abbey to continue working on limited offers of larger closet sachets with herbs that protect against insects. Yeah.

「…… and well, that’s how we settled it」

It’s the after dinner mofumofu brushing time.
I talked about today’s events while brushing everyone’s fur.

『You really don’t have any greed, Lord. I thought that money was the only thing that mattered to humans though』

Kurogane closed his eyes in comfortableness while I brushed him.

「Hmm, I am getting a plenty of money regularly from the recipes I have registered so far. I made so much but I have few opportunities to spend it」

I have not met Sei for a while now and I can’t personally go to buy things at the Bastea Company, so I have no opportunity to spend the surplus money I made.
I think people might start calling me immoral lady on top of being called villainess if I don’t do anything but earn money.
Even if I don’t have any intentions of doing it publicly, I have a duty as a noble to accomplish.

「I’m not currently worried about money. If I have no money, I can just come up with a method to earn more if needed」

My past life’s knowledge is, in a sense, a cheat, so overdoing it is prohibited though.

『If troubled about money, I will provide the food, okay?』

Mashiro whose brushing already ended regrettably stared at the brush in my hand.

「Fufu, of course. I would have to ask you at that time then」
『Leave it to me』

Right, even if I become homeless, I surely won’t be troubled about food as long as I have Mashiro and others, and I have a feeling that I could comfortably live in a forest in a cabin made from earth magic.

『Ridiculous. Not letting go of your current lifestyle takes priority, doesn’t it? There’s no way a chick like you would survive the life of a commoner, right?』

Kaguya said with a deadpan expression.

「You think so? I feel like I could manage though」
『Ha! That’s why you are Naive-chan』

As a magic beast, Kaguya lived in hardships up until now, so she must be thinking that my way of thinking is too optimistic.
Well, I would like to avoid eating insects, but I did aim for a slowlife in my past life, you know? I think I could manage somehow.
Besides, I don’t want to be called Naive-chan this, Naive-chan that by you who will carelessly relax with your stomach upside down when I brush you later!

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